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new-father fears

sex, money, freedom —guys



When we were expecting our first, the only people we knew with kids were our neighbors; the woman looked awful and was constantly bitchy, so fear was a factor for me. But my wife was beautiful and sex was plentiful; we had a book that showed some fun positions for when she got really big. We used all of them—twice.

— Los Angeles disc jockey Mark Thompson

(the Mark and Brian show), father of three

One of the scariest things about impending fatherhood is the realization that I am never going to be the adult I thought I would be when I had a child. I still feel like a kid in many ways.

— Actor Ben Stiller, father-to-be

I knew in my heart that I could take care of a child, but

I was still nervous that I somehow wouldn’t be able

to do it. It was both an unknown and something I cared about so much. But once my son came into this world, that fear disappeared.

— Actor Dean Cain, father of one


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