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Sleep Like a Baby

How to get the sleep you and your baby need.


Sleep: It's the elusive goal of every new mother. Believe it or not, a good night's sleep can be had with a new baby in the house. Here are our tips for encouraging good sleeping habits right from the start, and for putting your baby to sleep safely. Rest assured that you'll soon be bagging the ZZZs you so desperately need.

Sleep and Pregnancy

Dreaming of SleepHere are safe solutions that can help you get the ZZZs you really need.

Sleep and Your Baby

Q & A: Your Baby's Sleep
Even before their babies are born, parents-to-be worry about how they're going to get the rest they need. Here are expert answers to the most common questions.

Sleep Strategies for Both of You
Without being militant, there are ways to encourage good sleep habits right from the start.

Bagging ZZZ'sNew ideas for helping you and your baby get through the night.

Wrap Your Baby
There is good research that suggests babies who are swaddled sleep better and longer. Here's how.

Squeezing In More Sleep
Sleep is the Holy Grail of new motherhood: Everyone wants it; no one knows how to find it.

If All Else Fails...

Look Good on No SleepDiminish the telltale signs of exhaustion with these simple tips.


Sleep With Your Baby
Since your baby is used to being rocked and fed continually in the womb, he probably will feel most comfortable being held and nursed on demand once he's out.

Infant Sleep Expert James McKenna on Bed Sharing
World-renowned sleep researcher James McKenna, Ph.D., is among those challenging the recent conclusion by the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) task force on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) that sharing a bed with your infant is more dangerous than putting her in a crib.

Sleep Safety 

Safe Sleep
Keeping your baby too warm may put her at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which peaks in winter and strikes most often between ages 2 and 4 months. Here are our tips for healthy slumber.

Preventing Flat Head
The 1992 "Back to Sleep" campaign by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other organizations has led to a 40 percent drop in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) rates. However, a not-so-pretty side effect is a 50-fold increase in the number of babies with flattened heads, or positional plagiocephaly. Here's expert advice on avoiding this condition long-term.

Real Moms' Sleep Issues

Whose Bed Have Your Booties Been Under?
Real Moms blogger Dana Rousmaniere's sleepless nights with a newborn in the house.

Ferberizing Charlie
Is Real Moms blogger Dana Rousmaniere solving her babies' sleep problems?

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