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8 Tips for Birth Partners

Uncertain about your role as a birth partner? Follow these eight easy guidelines.

Daddy's Home!

When mom goes back to work and dad stays home with the baby, pitfalls can arise. Here’s how to surmount them.

Tackling Fatherhood?

Equip yourself for duty with these six cool dad-friendly picks.

Dad Advice

Guys like advice in easily digestible chunks. And who better to serve it up than other men who've been there?

Driving Mr. Baby

A new dad finds enlightenment as his son'’s chauffeur.

A New Dad's Field Guide

A manual for surviving pregnancy and fatherhood

No Sex, No Money, No Freedom, No Time

"New moms strive for perfection. Dads tend to be confident, calm and blithely unaware of their shortcomings."

Labor of Love

Some dads need to build like women need to nest.

A Guy's Guide To Having A Baby

Read the instruction manual. Just don'’t assume it'’s accurate.

Different Strokes

Dads don'’t parent like moms, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Ready or Not

After September 11, one man wonders if there’s ever a perfect time to become a dad.

new-father fears

sex, money, freedom —guys

x-treme dad

high-flying skateboarder tony hawk is also a down-to-earth dad.
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