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Labor of Love

Some dads need to build like women need to nest.

A Guy's Guide To Having A Baby

Read the instruction manual. Just don'’t assume it'’s accurate.

Different Strokes

Dads don'’t parent like moms, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Ready or Not

After September 11, one man wonders if there’s ever a perfect time to become a dad.

new-father fears

sex, money, freedom —guys

x-treme dad

high-flying skateboarder tony hawk is also a down-to-earth dad.

Dads and Daughters

New fathers often bow out when the baby is a girl. That'’s a mistake for everyone.

Bringing a Multiracial Baby Into a Color-Conscious World

Reflections on parenting by interracial couples.

Becoming Dad

How do men really feel about making the transition from regular guy to dear ol'’ dad?

Out of Left Field

Parenthood throws this father his first big curve ball.

Three'’s A Crowd

When partners become parents, trouble can surface. Here are some real-world solutions.

make room for one more

How to cope with your firstborn’s feelings about the new baby

pregnant pa's

In a typical childbirth class, a handful of men gear up and clumsily attempt to pick up socks, tie shoes or lie on their backs.

Hands-On Dad

One man learns the pleasures of holding a baby.
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