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the invisible dad

Why does the world ignore fathers?

My Father and Me

One man considers how different he is from his own dad.

Be an Eagle Dad

Impress your family! Astound your friends! Master the impossible with these 6 amazing fatherhood skills.

Trading Up

Sure, you sacrifice some things when you become a dad. But look at what you get in return.

in the wee hours

Early-morning reflections on fatherhood

Diaper Genius

Why my child and yours, too is the best and brightest ever.

Fear of Finances

Money may be no object until your wife gets pregnant. Then: It’s panic time.

True (Dad) Confessions

Fatherhood is hard - admit it!

Birth Of A Father, A Survival Guide For Both Of You

Are dads today the new moms? In a word, no. But they are more mom-like in many ways all the time.

New Father Freaking Out?

Check Out These Books

Real Dads Don't Babysit

Figuring out the new father in your life just got easier.

Your Dad Didn't Do This

Note to Dads: Contributing around the house can be an aphrodisiac to a new mom.

A Dad-To-Be's 4 Worst Fears

The top 4 things running through most new dad's heads.

New-Dad Tool Kit

Guys like to gear up for a challenge. Here are four dad-friendly items.
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