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Your Postpartum Body: What to Expect and What to Do

Our experts—doctors, trainers and physical therapists—will help guide you, body part by body part, through this strange new land.

The problem:
Your belly undergoes more changes during pregnancy than any other body part. Depending on your age, genetics and the amount of weight you gain, this can mean stretch marks and excess flab, or a “pooch,” postpartum.

It can take as long as six weeks for the uterus to revert back to its old size, which will decrease the size of your belly. But since the abdominal skin has been stretched and pulled, it may never again be as taut as it was. Additionally, some women will be left with stretch marks.

The solution:
“Keeping the core muscles [abdominals and back] strong during pregnancy helps the abdominals recover faster,” says Flatt.

As for that extra pooch, most experts recommend Pilates-based abdominal work. Targeted abdominal exercise will get most women the results they want.

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by Sasha Brown-Worsham

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