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The 10 Most Practical Pieces of Parenting Advice No One Tells You

Straight from the trenches, tips for tackling motherhood.


7. Nurture your relationship. With your hairdresser

I never understand the “mom haircut” until my baby was six months old and I realized my hair had been in the same ratty ponytail for, well, six months.

Getting a haircut will become weirdly impossible (it gets filed under the elusive “me-time” along with yoga, journaling and going number two), so when you do get one it needs to be good, and you need someone who knows you well enough to talk you down from the super-short/perm ledge.

8. Buy the best dishwasher ever

I always secretly thought motherhood would be easy for me because I really like children. Turns out, a very small percentage of my day is just hanging out with my cool little kids, and a very large percentage is spent diapering, feeding, cleaning up, disciplining, sleep-training, cleaning up some more, and other things that waste time we could be using to debate the evilest spell a fairy could cast. And this is in a world of convenience foods, vacuum cleaners, disposable diapers, permanent press fabrics, and Google! So even if only to honor those women who used to have to parent while cooking over open fires, avail yourself of as many chore-doing-machines as you can.

9. Join a book club

Because otherwise you might not read a book without falling asleep after 2 sentences for the next 18 years. Priorities!

10. Write down your birth story as soon as you can

That infant is snoozy, but she won’t be for long, and let’s face it, your brain is mushier now. So take advantage of naptime to write down every crazy detail you can remember of that astounding thing that just happened where you made a human, because surprisingly soon it will feel like ancient history.    

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