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Attitude adjustment

A baby can turn your world upside down. Here's how to enjoy your new perspective.


“Sex is a vulnerable area for many new parents,” says Cowan. “Some don’t get back to regular sex for many months.”

    Make an effort to renew the romance. As soon as you can stomach it, employ a regular baby-sitter to give you time alone together and force yourselves to stick to it, even if it means just an early dinner. As for sex, says Cowan, sometimes the discovery that your partner misses it too can result in increased closeness. “When one partner is more dissatisfied, the other needs to hear that and help find a way to address the problem.” She adds, “If partners can discuss it, they will be able to find opportunities for nonsexual intimacy: touching, hugging and cuddling.”

    Obviously, despite the seismic shifts wrought by Baby, little compares with the emotional nourishment he brings. “There is nothing like it as far as the love you feel,” says Jo Anne Mathias, a veterinarian in Athens, Georgia, and mother of Jacob, 18 months. “I can’t get enough of him, smell him enough, cuddle him enough or love him enough.”

    Once the dust settles, a certain acceptance emerges...and contemplation of another child may even begin.


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