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Crib Notes

The 10 things you really need to know to survive your baby's first 6 weeks home.


9. Go from breast to bottle (and back!)

At four weeks, experts agree that giving a breastfed baby a bottle won't cause "nipple confusion." Start pumping between feeding sessions to store milk, which can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days and in the freezer for three to four months. Your baby may reject the bottle at first, but trying different nipples and staying out of the room while someone else gives the bottle should help. If the idea of pumping several times a day when you return to work is overwhelming, consider pumping once a day and supplementing with formula.

However, if you don't continue breastfeeding--or never got the hang of it--toss your guilt out right along with the nursing pads, says pediatrician Guiot. "I tell moms it's OK if the breastfeeding just isn't working, and the relief is evident," she says. "The moms are happier and that means the babies are happier."

10. Make lots of memories
Sooner than you think, it will be hard to imagine your baby was ever that small. For a fun way to chart her growth, have someone take a weekly photo of you and your newborn in a favorite chair. As the months go by, you'll see less of the chair and more of her. Thanks to digital cameras, some now as low as $100, and free online photo-sharing sites (such as or kodak, relatives can order (and pay for!) photos of your little one themselves. Also, hang a calendar in the nursery for jotting down developmental notes, such as "reached for rattle."


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