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Nesting Instincts

07-21-08: Week 28


My brother is coming to stay at our house for a week to help Nelson tear down our staircase and replace it with a safer, better version. Our house was built in the 1940s and the old staircase is steep and dangerous for little kids (and pregnant moms with out-of-whack balance).

I'm really looking forward to the remodel. Not only will it put my mind at ease, but it's kicked my nesting instinct into full swing. Even though we only have a tiny little space for the nursery, I can't wait to redecorate for a baby boy. I'm coveting Pottery Barn's A to Z Bedding, although I'll probably end up going with something from IKEA. Their Barnslig Series is pretty cute and affordable. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind. I'm currently addicted to Apartment Therapy's children's design blog Ohdeedoh. I check the site several times a day, and I keep adding to an already long list of wants. Window shopping on the internet is great when you already have two little ones at home. Yesterday I attempted a Target trip, but I had to cut it short because the girls kept asking for everything in sight. If only they would be content with window shopping.

We actually need very little for the new baby. We have most of the gear we need. I have decided to invest in (or rent) an electric breast pump though. With both of the girls I got by with an Evenflo hand pump (and it worked great). But with all the breastfeeding trouble I experienced, I think an electric pump will come in handy. I'm also purchasing an organic mattress for our mini co-sleeper. The cardboard mattress pad it comes with must be the most uncomfortable thing to sleep on. Elise definitely preferred our mattress, but since she fell out of our bed I will only use the co-sleeper or crib.

The last thing I need is a new baby carrier. Both of the girls loved the Baby Bjorn, but sadly, I left it in a children's museum during one of Julia's school field trips. So I can't decide if I should stick with the Baby Bjorn or try something new. I'm fancying a more natural style like Baby Hawk's gorgeous Mei Tai's.

It's fun to shop for new things. It helps build excitement for the baby's arrival. And it's fun to dream about the things we would buy if money wasn't an object. Gear and gadgets can certainly make life easier. Our baby swing was a godsend on many occasions. Yet I've definitely learned that simplicity is the key to parenting well. Babies don't need a lot of stuff. It seems they are happiest when they are snuggled in a parent's arms, staring at a loving face, and listening to a soothing familiar voice. I can't imagine there is any invention that could ever replace that, and truthfully, who would want to?

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