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Real-life Stories: Moms-to-be on Bed Rest

Being confined to bed during pregnancy can be frustrating and emotionally draining. Here’s how two expectant moms coped.




"During bed rest, I had time to reflect on my life and the person I’ve become.”

- Melanie Cain, Atlanta

I had preeclampsia during both of my pregnancies, as well as severe edema. During my first pregnancy in 2009, I ballooned up like a marshmallow and had very high levels of protein in my urine.

Once my doctors managed to stabilize my blood pressure, which had been too high, they decided to keep me in the high-risk pregnancies ward at the hospital for bed rest.

During those three weeks, I felt overheated, uncomfortable and sleep-deprived, not to mention frustrated by being poked and prodded so much.

People ask me all the time how I kept from going insane while on bed rest. One of the things that helped was the music therapist who visited our rooms at the hospital. She brought CDs and talked about fun ways to add your baby’s name to songs and how music fosters babies’ development.

Volunteers also brought dogs to visit us. I did crafts, and my husband brought a laptop

for me so I could surf the web and hang out on Facebook.


Time seemed to pass more slowly when I focused on the negative, so I tried to think about the baby I’d get to hold when it was all over. And I learned a lot about myself and my relationships; if nothing else, bed rest gives you time to reflect, pray and create.




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