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Real-life Stories: Scared of Motherhood

Expecting your first baby is exciting. But it can also create anxiety about your future role as a mother. Here’s how two women overcame their fears.


"My mom had always made parenting look easy and effortless. I feared I wouldn’t measure up.”
- Claudia Zurita, Houston

I was excited when I found out I was pregnant, but also a little panicky. I had no idea what to expect. I read every pregnancy website I could find and joined an online community for moms-to-be. But although I was eager to learn about expecting and motherhood, I was afraid to talk to anyone about my fears about being a parent. I was nervous I wouldn’t be a good enough mother. I worked full-time so I feared my child wouldn’t really know me in the same way he would if I was with him all day. was scared that I’d be some sort of klutz and drop the baby, or what if I fell asleep in the rocking chair while trying to put him to sleep? How would I know that I’m doing things right? When I had my son, I had awful postpartum depression symptoms. I bottled up my emotions and had the worst anxiety I’d ever felt. I constantly worried. I’d get up three times a night to see if he was breathing, and I was terrified he’d put something dirty in his mouth and get sick. >But after about a year, I finally found my groove and felt much more confident in myself and my parenting skills. My son knows who mommy is, and seeing his face light up when I get home after a long day at work means everything to me.

"I was afraid of how a baby would change my relationship with my husband



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