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Real-life Stories: Scared of Motherhood

Expecting your first baby is exciting. But it can also create anxiety about your future role as a mother. Here’s how two women overcame their fears.


"My husband and I get along so well and have so much fun together; I was afraid a baby would disrupt that.”
- - Lisa Parro, Chicago

My husband and I waited almost seven years to start trying to get pregnant. Both of us were very happy being childless and we got married young (I was 23; he was 24), so time was on our side. Mostly, I was afraid our life would change for the worse, and that parenthood would be difficult and we’d be stressed out.  We didn’t want to have kids simply because we were expected to.

Are You Ready for a Baby?

9 things to consider. But after attending a funeral for my husband’s 18-year-old cousin Stevie, who had died of cancer, we started talking seriously about having children. The memorial included a slideshow of pictures from throughout Stevie’s life, and we were both struck by all the images of togetherness. Did we really want to miss out on all of that by remaining childless? I got pregnant in September 2011 after trying for nine months. I had an easy pregnancy and a tough delivery, and now have the sweetest 16-month-old son. It’s such a cliché, but I can’t imagine life without him now. My relationship with my husband has evolved. It’s nice when it’s just the two of us, but it’s rare. We go out a lot less than we used to, and when we do, we almost always bring our son with us. I feel bad leaving him with a sitter because we work during the week. Parenting is challenging, but we’ve been blessed with a happy baby.


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