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Real Life Stories: Single Moms

Being pregnant is challenging. Doing it on your own, even more so. Here, three single moms share their stories.


“The big challenge for me is asking for help.” Margaret Lynch, Los Angeles

I was shocked when I found I was pregnant at the age of 42. While I had always wanted to have children, I had spent the last few years rethinking my life without them. When I went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy, he said if I had ever wanted to have children, I should consider having this baby because of my age. It was quite a statement, but I did want to have a baby, so I let nature take its course.

I told my family when I was four months pregnant and the response was very positive. (The father knows, but is not a regular part of our lives.) I was anxious because I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it alone, both financially and emotionally. When there is not a permanent partner in the picture, despite the help of friends and family, you ultimately feel that you are on your own. I also lost my job when I was 31 weeks pregnant, which added more stress.

I am an independent person, and it’s difficult for me to ask for help. With my pregnancy, and now having a baby, I realize I have limits and that I do need to ask for help. I asked one of my friends to take my birthing class with me, and my mom offered to come for the birth and to help after the baby was born.

I wanted to deliver vaginally, but the baby wasn’t moving into position and my doctor recommended a Cesarean section. My daughter, Molly, was born healthy at 8 pounds. My advice for single moms: Think about the other parts of your life where you have been successful doing things on your own and draw strength from that.



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