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Real Moms Talk: What We Really Want For Mother's Day

20 ideas for Mother's Day

We asked our Twitter and Facebook fans, What do you really want for Mother's Day? For new moms sleep and a little pampering topped our list!


1.  I would like a full, uninterrupted, no getting up with baby night of ‪sleep! -@kateevon

2.  A delicious home cooked breakfast in bed and no housework at all for a day! -Paola Documet-Castañeda

3.  I'm almost 39 wks pregnant & I really wanted my baby here for Mother's Day! -@LisaMarie921

4. All I really want to know is that he appreciates everything I do as a mom. A thoughtful card, e-mail or even an impromptu text with a photo of me and baby that's specific and sincere. Just saying, Happy Mother's Day won't cut it Dad! -Meghan Bailey

5.  A massage! -Ashli Adams

6.  To feel my baby's first kicks. -Oratile Kadimo

7.  A charm representing our baby on the way!! My husband buys me a charm for every special event, accomplishment, etc. When I'm having a rough day, all I have to do is look down at my charm bracelet and I know I am blessed!! -Hallie Hylander

8. After I nurse the baby at 6 am it would be super awesome if my husband could take baby out for a walk. Double points if he returns home with a hot latte. -Katy Elliott

9.  A new Pilates Mat! I've worn mine out. -Laura Pittman

10.  Sleep, sleep and sleep. -Ivonne Mouser

11.  A detailed car. My toddler has wrecked it. -Tamara Childers-Cosner

12.  A long hot shower without kids at the door!! -Julie Sears

13.  How about running me a hot bath with a glass of champagne and giving me an hour of relaxation. -Sarah Luck

14.  I want them all to go out without me. ALL DAY. -Tahanny Kader

15.  For both of my boys to sleep until 7 or 8 am! Then family walk to brunch. Then the rest of the day this mama would relax. Nice to dream!  -Sharman Pollander

16.  A long healthy life with my husband, family and friends. -Andrea Parson

17.  Church and a little rest and relaxation with the family! -Kate Mead

18.  A new diaper bag and baby carrier -Megan Courter Eells

19.  Time to get a haircut and mani/pedi without rushing home b/c she needs to eat.-@bridgetdidit

20.  I want my husband to get my daughter to take a bottle... She's not sold on it coming from me & we aren't making progress so far. -Christina Francois


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