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Real Moms Talk: What We Really Want For Mother's Day

The truth comes out!


We asked our Twitter and Facebook fans: What do you really want for Mother's Day? For a lot of our new moms, sleep and a little pampering topped the list!

1.  I would like a full, uninterrupted, no getting up with baby night of ‪sleep! -@kateevon

2.  A delicious home-cooked breakfast in bed and no housework at all for a day! -Paola Documet-Castañeda

3.  All I really want to know is that he appreciates everything I do as a mom. A thoughtful card, e-mail or even an impromptu text with a photo of me and baby that's specific and sincere. Just saying, Happy Mother's Day won't cut it, Dad! -Meghan Bailey

4.  I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant and I really wanted my baby here for Mother's Day! -@LisaMarie921

5.  A massage! -Ashli Adams

6.  To feel my baby's first kicks. -Oratile Kadimo

7.  A charm representing our baby on the way! My husband buys me a charm for every special event, accomplishment, etc. When I'm having a rough day, all I have to do is look down at my charm bracelet and I know I am blessed! -Hallie Hylander

8.  After I nurse the baby at 6 a.m., it would be super awesome if my husband could take baby out for a walk. Double points if he returns home with a hot latte. -Katy Elliott

9.  A new Pilates mat! I've worn mine out. -Laura Pittman

10.  Sleep, sleep and sleep. -Ivonne Mouser

11.  A detailed car. My toddler has wrecked it. -Tamara Childers-Cosner

12.  A long hot shower without kids at the door! -Julie Sears

13.  How about running me a hot bath with a glass of champagne and giving me an hour of relaxation. -Sarah Luck

14.  I want them all to go out without me. ALL DAY. -Tahanny Kader

15.  For both of my boys to sleep until 7 or 8 a.m.! Then family walk to brunch. Then the rest of the day this mama would relax. Nice to dream!  -Sharman Pollander

16.  A long healthy life with my husband, family and friends. -Andrea Parson

17.  Church and a little rest and relaxation with the family! -Kate Mead

18.  A new diaper bag and baby carrier. -Megan Courter Eells

19.  Time to get a haircut and mani/pedi without rushing home because she needs to eat. -@bridgetdidit

20.  I want my husband to get my daughter to take a bottle... She's not sold on it coming from me, and we aren't making progress so far. -Christina Francois

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