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shooting stars

How to take great photos of your main attraction

Get close  “Babies are just so cute, and when you’re looking at a photograph and they fill the frame, the cuteness factor grows tenfold,” Rausser says. Note: The wide-angle lenses on many point-and-shoot cameras can cause distortion at close range; to avoid this, Rausser recommends using a lens with a focal length of at least 50 mm.

Take a lot of pictures  Film is inexpensive compared with the priceless images you’ll treasure forever, so don’t be afraid to use a lot of it, Rausser says. Better yet, go digital and you can take literally hundreds of shots and print only the best.

Capture the moment  Getting great spontaneous baby pictures requires agility and quick reflexes on your part. Rausser suggests lying down low, at the baby’s level, with a willingness to wait. Don’t have an expectation of what you’ll get—follow the baby’s lead. Also, take enough photos to capture your baby’s entire range of emotions, from inquisitive expressions to happy gurgles to tears. “Some parents believe that they’re only supposed to take smiling baby photos,” Rausser says. “But it’s a part of life—babies cry all the time.”



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