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Week 20: Itchy Rash

The bun in my oven is halfway baked!


The other pregnancy-induced symptom I’m experiencing also started around 18 weeks is slight numbness on top of my left thigh. I thought for sure it couldn’t possibly be pregnancy-related, but my midwife set me straight. She said most likely, the baby is compressing a nerve, which is cutting off some of the sensation. And, it’s completely normal. The best analogy I can give is this: When you go to the dentist and get novocaine, and a few hours later, the sensation in your lip has recovered about 90% of the way, but there’s still that 10% not-quite-normal feeling. I was relieved to find out it is, indeed, pregnancy-related and not some strange new ailment, and that it’s not at all out of the ordinary.

On a more fun topic, I’ve chosen a birthing class. Actually, I chose it years ago, when I first heard about it as an editor on staff at Fit Pregnancy. I want to do HypnoBirthing, which educates moms-to-be on self-hypnosis relaxation techniques for a relaxed natural childbirth. Relaxed? Natural? Yes, please! I signed up with a local educator and will begin the weekly sessions for five weeks starting next week. I already picked up the book and CD, and have been listening to the birthing affirmations and rainbow relaxation every night when I go to bed.

I hope that practicing the HypnoBirthing techniques, paired with a planned water birth will result in the calm labor and delivery I’d like. Of course, I know things beyond my control can and may happen, and I’m open to that as well. If it does, I’ll roll with it. For example, if I end up with gestational diabetes, I will be able to labor in the water, but not give birth in it. If that is the case, so be it. Whatever happens, I think being prepared with some deep breathing techniques, positive birthing affirmations and the rainbow relaxation will help me feel better than I would without them.

I’m so looking forward to the birth day, welcoming my son into the world and getting that first look at him. James and I have chosen a name: Finn William McDonough. Finn because it’s Irish, and we both have quite a bit of Irish in us, and it’s one of the few names we both agreed on. William, after my grandpa. I am not a traditionalist in the sense of feeling like we have to include a family name, but I think Finn William has a nice ring to it, and is a sweet sentiment to a man who has helped me throughout my lifetime. He’s 91 now and still going strong, so I hope Finn follows in his footsteps.


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