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Week 24: Back Aches and Belly Envy

Lower back pain is now my near-constant companion.


Also around 22 weeks, literally overnight, I woke up with lower back pain that is now my near-constant companion. I’m OK during the day when I’m up and moving about a lot, but when I first get up after laying down or sitting for a while, it aches! Every time! I assume that my expanding belly is causing me to overarch my lower back without me realizing that I’m doing it. I have been walking regularly, including some hills, but I have not been doing my prenatal yoga or Pilates videos much at all. I need to make those part of my routine; I’m sure I will feel better if I do.

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Little Finn is moving a lot these days, and I still find it hard to believe there’s actually a baby inside me. But there’s no denying it; my bump has finally debuted. It’s one of the biggest moments I have been waiting for since I first found out I was pregnant. Now that it’s here, I’m both happy about it, and perplexed by it. I’ve also developed a case of belly envy. Mine is not the cute round beach-ball belly I dreamed of (and that the other women in my birthing class have); it has more of a slightly oblong shape to it, and there’s still a faint indentation of my old waistline. It looks ok in clothing, but when I look at it naked, it definitely weirds me out a bit.

I’m not dwelling on it, though. Too many other things to do, like concentrate on growing a happy, healthy boy. Part of that: Indulging in a little bit of dark chocolate a few times a week. Apparently, chocolate that is 70% or higher in cacao has beneficial antioxidants and a substance that has cardiovascular benefits, thought to reduce risk of preeclampsia. I’ve also heard now from two different people (a friend, and my HypnoBirth instructor) that having a little bit of dark chocolate regularly helps make happier babies. Apparently, there are real studies that back this up. Woo hoo!

My plans for the next couple of weeks as I head into the third trimester (already-wow) are focusing on creating a soothing birthing day playlist to listen to while I’m in labor, and making my list of must-have’s for the hospital. I know I want to bring some flameless tea light candles and luminary bags to place around the room, a yoga mat (to roll up and place under my knees if I want to lay over the ball for a while), my favorite pillow and my own comfy pj’s. Next month, James and I will be taking a one-time mandatory water birth class at the hospital that I am really looking forward to.

For now, I’m entertaining myself by watching videos of water Hypnobirths on YouTube. Never ending fun.

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