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Week 36: Finding Balance

How an energy healer taught one active mom-to-be the virtues of learning to slow down.


And while I experimented with fun new fitness routines (such as ballet barre), mind-body classes (such as The Power of Breath), and spa treatments specially designed for moms-to-be (like the organic and customizable You Glow Girl Facial), what I think really had the biggest impact on me feeling more grounded and calm about graduating into the new role of motherhood upon checkout was something I totally didn’t expect to affect me much at all. It was something called a Healing Energy treatment recommended to me by one of the resort’s nurses as one of the services that can calm mom and baby in utero, and “help with the transition into motherhood.”

“Healing energy uses techniques, such as light touch and sometimes crystals, to balance the flow of energy throughout your body,” said my energy therapist named Joann. “Our body has different energy centers and by interrupting blockages, you can get emotional relief and feel more calm and at peace.”

I wasn’t sure I was buying it, but I had decided to try new things that I normally wouldn’t try during my time at Canyon Ranch and wanted to have an open mind. When Joann held a crystal fastened to the end of a string over my different energy centers as I lay on my left side on a massage table, she said I was balanced in all areas except for the center that is linked to feeling grounded, which she also said is common during a life transition. Then she held that crystal over my tummy to gauge my baby boy’s energy, and it started spinning faster and faster. “His energy is very strong,” she said as my little guy suddenly started kicking like crazy. Whether I believed it or not, it made me smile and feel more connected to my baby, getting even more excited to meet him in just a few short weeks.

Joann told me to close my eyes, and I felt her hands lightly touching my feet, my legs, my lower back, the top of my scalp. Though she didn’t use much pressure, I felt a tingling sensation as she touched my head. And then I was asleep for the rest of the 80-minute session. I awoke to the sound of a bell or chime I think, slowly opening my eyes and feeling like I’d just clocked 10 hours of the most delicious, restorative sleep.

Afterwards, I took a 20-minute walk on the trail in the woods of the resort’s ground, breathing in the sweet smell of flowers and trees and feeling more relaxed than I remembered feeling in a long time. Though I initially came to Canyon Ranch to take advantage of the huge variety of fitness classes, that Healing Energy session reminded me that sometimes the best way to connect with my body (and my baby) may come from stillness. Maybe the lesson I needed to learn before my son arrives is to create more space in my life to slow down and to just be. In my last few weeks of pregnancy, I’m going to try to make daily downtime as much of a priority as fitting in fitness to help me feel more grounded.

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