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Week 38: Pain & Beauty

One mom-to-be touts the feel-good benefits of getting groomed and pampered before giving birth.


My first stop was for a blueberry facial with Cecilia Wong, a New York-based, holistic skincare expert. I couldn't lay on my back with my big belly so I turned on my side with my head facing up. I practically fell asleep I was so relaxed as Cecilia massaged a delicious-smelling blueberry smoothie mask into my face and hydrated my dry skin with a super-nourishing oxygen spray.  

I walked out feeling rejuvenated and pampered, and when I stopped in a deli for water the cashier said that my skin was glowing. It may sound silly, but after feeling tired and rotund for months, getting this facial made me feel pretty again to boost my mood and my energy. 

Since I hadn’t been able to see my lady parts in awhile and they’re about to be on full display to a roomful of people, I decided to get a bikini wax. (I gave up any shaving attempts after an epic fail where I dropped my razor in the shower and discovered that my belly was too big to even bend over and pick it up).

I opted to go to this little oasis of calm in Soho called Haven Spa because they use special Cirepil Blue Stripless Hard Wax. It sticks to the hairs rather than your skin for less pain and irritation.  My esthetician Marta was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and even had me laughing, saying “Honey, you’re not going to care one bit about your bikini line when you’re on the table pushing that baby out, but we’re going to make you look good!”

I can honestly say that, despite being uber sensitive from the increased blood flow down there, the hard wax and expert technique used made it the least painful Brazilian I’ve ever had. Sure, whether or not I’m growing a national forest may be the least of my concerns once I’m on the actual delivery table, but I feel better in the moment being clean and smooth going into labor. Now I can get to that cleaning!


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