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Week 6: Am I Pregnant, Or Just Sick?

Blogger Maureen shares her early signs of pregnancy


Suddenly, I could smell e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, in a very bad way. When I opened the freezer, it was as if I could smell every frozen food we had in there, mixed together. Disgusting. I went shopping and nearly vomited in the aisles. Our kitchen garbage produced an immediate gag reflex. The only things that appealed to me were dairy, fresh fruit, and citrus beverages like orange juice and lemonade.

After about 10 days straight of the sore throat and 5 days of the nausea/smell sensitivity, I made an appointment with my primary care doctor. My period was late by two weeks, but I took two home pregnancy tests about 4 days apart from each other, and both came out negative. I thought the ongoing illness was just a different strain of the flu.

I went to the doctor the day before Valentine’s Day. I explained everything, so they gave me a pregnancy test just in case. Sure enough, the positive pink line showed up immediately! My first feeling was absolute disbelief. I asked the doctor if he was sure at least four times. He assured me that he was, and gave me the positive test to take home. Then, tears of happiness and excitement.

When I got home from the doctor, James asked how it went.

“Good. I’m negative for strep throat,” I said. “And I’m positive for a BABY!” I would have devised a clever “How I Told Him” way to let him know, but I couldn’t contain myself long enough. I had to share the news immediately. We hugged tightly and laughed.

And just like that, I’m suddenly obsessed with doing kegels.


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