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Real Mom Stories


Real Mom Stories

Baby's First Christmas

12.25.09: A letter from Santa

Sex and the Running Girl

12.22.09: Can they really co-exist?

The New Two

12.18.09: The terrible threes hit home

Losing My Mojo

12.15.09: Sometimes I just don’t feel it

The New Baby

12.11.09: A happy ending to a difficult pregnancy

The Spectator Question

12.07.09: Why do I hate the people so many other runners love?

Big Brother

12.04.09: Charlie turns 3

Running With Boys

12.02.09: My husband attempts to run

The Train Wreck That Is My Body

11.27.09: Assessing the damage

Running Happy

11.23.09: Why I Run

Our First Month

11.20.09: A test of endurance

No Rest for the Weary

11.17.09: Days off and other anomalies

Jack's Birth Story, Part II

11.13.09: Our labor and delivery experience

Jack's Birth Story, Part I

11.13.09: Our labor and delivery experience
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