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Real Mom Stories


Real Mom Stories

Introducing Jack Rousmaniere!

10.30.09: The birth of our baby boy

Run Fast or Go Home?

10.26.09: Well, maybe.

Our Boy Is Here!

Welcome Baby Jack

Running in the Rain

10.21.09: What a glorious feeling (if done right).

Nature vs. Nurture

How you respond to your baby’s quirks can make a difference.

Pressure to Induce

10.16.09: 39 Weeks Pregnant

Wanting to Win

10.13.09: I'm No Lady

Do I have preeclampsia?

10.09.09: Another curveball

The Deed Is Done

10.07.09: A Sub-four finish complete with baby love and ice baths


10.2.09: 37 Weeks Pregnant

Book Beat Inside information

Amazing Baby by Desmond Morris

The Finish Line

9.29.09: Hamstrings of steel and a stomach of nerves

A Normal Pregnancy

9.25.09: 36 Weeks Pregnant

Running In Skirts

The Good And The Bad
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