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Real Mom Stories


Real Mom Stories

Back from the Dead

4.13.10: 22 Triumphant Miles

I am a Quitter

4.6.10: What’s 10 More Miles, Anyway?

The Dreaded Bad Run

3.30.10: My 19-Miler (AKA: Slowest Run I Have Ever Done)

My Final Blog

3.26.10: When all is said and done

Details, Schmetails

3.23.10: How My Inability to Do Math Bought Me a Harder Training Program and an Extra Week

Things Change

3.19.10: One spring forward, two steps back

Birth Complications

Birth plans can help you feel informed and in control—but labor and delivery don’t always go as planned. Here, three moms share their unexpected experiences.

Gag Me with a Spoon

3.16.10: The Six Grossest Things about Running

Our New Normal

3.12.10: Finally getting the hang of things

The Spirit of the 17-Miler

3.09.10: A long run house of worship

A Ceremonial First Meal

3.5.10: Adventures in solid food

Food is Fuel

3.02.10: Chowing down post-run

Four Month Sleep Regression

2.26.10: Flashback to the newborn days

The Half Report

2.16.10: Disco running in the cold
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