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Real Mom Stories

This Illustrator Shows the Side of Pregnancy Nobody Wants to Talk About

Stretch marks, unhealthy cravings, dreaming of a stiff drink—this artist reveals the less-glamorous side of pregnancy in these hilarious illustrations.

Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant, Gives Birth an Hour Later

This gives 'unexpected pregnancy' a whole new meaning. And yes, cryptic pregnancies like this one are still possible.

This Must-Watch Viral Trick-or-Treat Video Has the BEST Surprise Ending!

This popular YouTube couple just posted a clever Halloween-themed video which will make you giggle and then go awwww…

German Photographer Creates a Tiny World on Pregnant Girlfriend's Belly

Why just photograph mom when you can use her growing belly to make landscapes? Get ready to LOL at how this couple is documenting their pregnancy.

Vlogger's 'Taste Test' Video Turns Into Sweet Pregnancy Reveal

YouTube star Cory Williams—better known as Dude Like Hella—learned about his wife's pregnancy in a really creative (and adorable) way.

Watch: YouTube's Sam & Nia Announce Pregnancy After Miscarriage

The couple reveals they have another bun in the oven in a controversial new video.

Police Threatened to Ticket This Nebraska Mom for Breastfeeding in Public

Yes, she was breastfeeding in public. No, it wasn't against the law. #normalizebreastfeeding

WATCH: Pregnancy Reveal Mashup Packs a Whole Lotta Joy in 2 Minutes

Grab the tissues. You're going to need 'em for this adorable pregnancy video, incorporating all the feels!

Bun in the Oven Pregnancy Reveal Baby in Critical Care

Remember that sweet viral pregnancy video of the woman who had been trying for 17 years? She's given birth at 24 weeks and wants your thoughts and prayers.

This Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Will Have Your Lips a Movin'

Christian pop singer, Beckah Shae, does an adorable rendition of Trainor's 'Lips Are Movin' to reveal her third baby on the way.

Gorgeous, Ethereal Maternity Photos Depict All Your Pregnancy Moods

You'll recognize every emotion and craving in these mesmerizing photos of a pregnant woman in her bath. (You'll also want to up your bubble bath game.)

9 Photos That Show You What Postpartum REALLY Looks Like

The first few weeks after birth can be the hardest. These women's stories prove that no matter what, you're never alone.

Labor Goals: Watch This Mom Whip/Nae Nae Her Way Through Contractions

This mom wanted to avoid a C-section so much, she did this popular dance through her labor. And it worked! Now watch her whip… Now watch her nae nae…

Adorable Dad-to-Be Loses It When He Finds Out Wife is Finally Pregnant

After trying for a baby for 17 years and finally getting one, you'd react like this, too. This is what happiness looks like.
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