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Real Mom Stories


Real Mom Stories

Little Carnivore

6.18.07: Mommy’s little man likes meat on the menu

Kiss Me, You Fool

05.28.07: Hershey's finds the perfect grown-up novelty candy market: me.

Gym Brat

5.21.07: Baby adds new meaning to the term "resistance training."

Brace Yourself

5.14.07: A new mom's beauty woes take a startling turn

Baby and the Beast

5.07.07: Pregnancy is beautiful. Post-partum--not so much.

Weight, Weight Don't Tell Me

4.30.07: The stomach flu interrupts "the plan"

The Big One

4.23.07: Baby turns one, and a chocoholic is born

Off My Chest

4.16.07: Sadly, breastfeeding was not my magic weightloss key.

Mall Babies

4.2.07: Check out those shopping cuties! And their infants, too!

The Big Payback

3.19.07: I used to judge fat moms who blamed the baby. Now I'm one of them.

The end of the beginning

Week 13 of Baby: 1/14/2007

Just in case

Week 38: 9/24/07


Week 12 of Baby: 1/07/2007

Ready Position?

Week 36: 9/10/07
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