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Real Mom Stories

Labor Goals: Watch This Mom Whip/Nae Nae Her Way Through Contractions

This mom wanted to avoid a C-section so much, she did this popular dance through her labor. And it worked! Now watch her whip… Now watch her nae nae…

Adorable Dad-to-Be Loses It When He Finds Out Wife is Finally Pregnant

After trying for a baby for 17 years and finally getting one, you'd react like this, too. This is what happiness looks like.

These Photos of Pregnant Inmates Will Change Your View of Prison Forever

As many as 1 in 25 women entering the prison system is pregnant. So what does that mean for them and their babies? This photographer decided to find out.

This Mom's Picture 3 Days After Giving Birth Will Give You Some Inspiration

Giving birth and becoming a mom is tough. This raw, emotional photo shows just how much.

Mom Wakes Up From Coma After Hearing Baby Cry

Doctors feared it was irreversible—but the mother-daughter bond pulled through for a happy ending to this sweet story.

How EXACTLY Does a Baby Fit in Your Belly? These Photos Show You

A Dutch photographer has decided to show us what a baby really looks like in the womb—using real babies—and it's fascinating.

Photographer Captures the Raw Beauty of His Girlfriend's Home Birth

In Gustavo Gomes's home country of Brazil, as many as 85% of hospital births are done via C-section—much more than necessary. So, he decided to do something … by picking up his camera.

Are You Part of the Sisterhood of the C-Section Scar?

This striking, yet controversial, image of a C-section baby and her mother stirs up memories for one mom.

Couple Goes for 4D Ultrasound, Gets Shock of Their Life

Would this make you change your mind about getting a novelty ultrasound, too?

Dad Who Revealed Wife's Pregnancy Shares Heartbreaking News

The unconventional pregnancy reveal seen round the world had a sad ending, popular vloggers Sam and Nia announce.

This Husband Tells His Wife She's Pregnant. (Yep, You Read That Right)

Is it even possible for your husband to find out about your pregnancy before you do? Suuure is.

This Woman's Family Shamed Her Pregnant Body. So She Showed it to the World.

The latest photo series from The Honest Body Project proves that all bumps are beautiful. No matter what.

Stretch Marks? These Moms Dare Ya to Love 'Em

We all have stretch marks—from babies, from growth, from life. See 13 moms who are teaching us how to embrace them. #loveyourlines
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