Real Mom Stories

Two Women Show How Different Baby Bumps Can Look

There's no "right" way for a baby bump to look. To illustrate that point, two pregnant friends are sharing a photo featuring their very different shapes.

Pregnancy Weightlifter Boasts Six Pack 10 Weeks After Baby

This woman lifted weights throughout her pregnancy. Now, at just ten weeks postpartum, her incredibly toned abs are back in full force. Check her out.

New Mom's Survival Guide

Everything you need to know about sleeping, breastfeeding, crying and more!

Very Early Detection of Autism: New Hope For Treatment

Autism researchers who specialize in early intervention can recognize clues to the syndrome in high-risk babies as young as 3 or 4 months.

39 Weeks: Waiting for Baby

The anticipation of knowing your baby will be here any day can be overwhelming. One soon-to-be mom shares the reading list that she's using to distract herself until she gets to meet her son.

10 Ways To Be A More Confident Mom

Slow down. When you rush, things fall apart. Lower your expectations of what you can do and how fast you can do it, and everyone will be happy.

Week 38: Pain & Beauty

One mom-to-be touts the feel-good benefits of getting groomed and pampered before giving birth.

Pregnant with Twins

Moms share their real life stories about being pregnant with twins.

Love Your Body After Birth: How One Photographer Started a Postpartum Movement

The project that aims to change the way you see your motherly figure.

10 Inspirational Mother's Day Quotes

Whether expecting, a newbie or already in the trenches, remember that being a mom can be difficult at times for anyone. In honor of Mother's Day, some uplifting quotes (and a few funny ones!) to make you smile.

Your First Mother's Day Gift Guide

10 ways to celebrate motherhood and your new baby!

4 Things That Change Forever After Baby (Both Good and Bad)

How life changes once you're a parent.

For This Mom, The Breastfeeding Struggle is Real

A mother/artist gets real about her difficulties with breastfeeding on social media--and doesn't hold back.

Week 20: Itchy Rash

The bun in my oven is halfway baked!

Mom Honors Late Husband in Unique Maternity Photos

This might be the most beautiful, meaningful maternity shoot we've ever seen. You have to see how this woman chose to honor her late husband in her pregnancy photos.

This is What 25 Weeks Pregnant With Quintuplets Looks Like

This photoshoot offers a stunning look at what carrying quintuplets--yes, five babies at once--really looks like. It's, insane, amazing, impressive and beautiful.

Mommy Brain: Yes, It's a Thing

"Momnesia" is real. Here's how to deal.

11 Things You Should Do Before You Have a Baby

Our readers' list of to-do's and splurges. Check them off your list before baby is born.

The Sad Story of Mom Who Drank in Pregnancy

This story from a victim of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is going viral--and it's a must-read for anyone who wonders about drinking through pregnancy.

13 Real Moms Who Love Their Stretch Marks

A new hashtag campaign on Instagram and Tumblr, started by moms, is calling on women everywhere to #loveyourlines by posting stretch marks pics in all their glory.

Alyssa Milano on the Charms of Motherhood, Parenting and Pregnancy

Our favorite inspiring quotes from our August/September cover star

The 10 Most Practical Pieces of Parenting Advice No One Tells You

Straight from the trenches, tips for tackling motherhood.

Soon-to-Be Big Sister Has Adorable Hissy Fit Over Baby's Gender Reveal

It's impossible to know what to expect when you're expecting, and the baby's sex can be one of the biggest surprises. One thing's for sure, no one has been quite as surprised as this soon-to-be big sis.

Wow! This Baby Kicking Video Is Incredible

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is a magical moment, but what about seeing your baby kick? It can be amazing and downright bizarre, as this video proves.

Breastercising: The New Time-Saving Workout Move for Moms

A photo of a woman exercising while breastfeeding, or breastercising, is going viral--it's definitely genius, but why is this workout move eliciting so much hate?