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Real Mom Stories

Watch Justin Bieber Put This Woman into Labor

A viral video shows a very pregnant woman dancing to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" ... and then her water breaks.
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Why Are So Many People Hating on This Mom for 'Breastercising?'

We think this is a pretty genius workout move, TBH.

Bodybuilding Mom-to-be Boasts Super Abs Over Baby Bump

No wonder she’s an avid reader of Fit Pregnancy!

Behold: This is What 25 Weeks Pregnant With Five Babies Looks Like

Is this the most mind-blowing pregnancy shoot ever?

Blizzard Sees Babies Born in All Kinds of Crazy Ways

If you were thanking your lucky stars you weren’t due over the weekend, spare a thought for those who were…

This Woman's Mom Drank While Pregnant. Her Story Will Break Your Heart.

‘Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’ trends on Facebook thanks to this must-read story.

So, Uber Drivers Won't Pick Up Women in Labor Now?

Forget epidurals and contractions: THIS might be every city preggo’s worst labor and delivery nightmare.

Is This the Scariest Baby Announcement of all Time?

Just when we thought we had seen every pregnancy announcement we could see… This came along.

Watch This Couple Dance Their Way to Delivery

Well that's one way to speed up the process!

Mom Can’t Believe What She Sees in Ultrasound

You have to see this to believe it. What did you see in your ultrasound?

Epic Dance Video Reveals Surprise Pregnancy

Watch this couple as they dance their way into parenthood.

These Real Stories of Postpartum Depression Will Reassure You

Struggling with postpartum depression? You're not alone. And this photo series proves it.
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