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Spotify the Latest U.S. Company to Wake Up About Maternity Leave

How many new maternity leave policies will it take to shame the rest of the country into better accommodating new parents?
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How Does Your Company's Maternity Leave Policy Stack Up? Find Out on New Anonymous 'Yelp' Site

Want to rant about how your company handles maternity leave? Here's where you can do it.

Want a $1,000 Gift Card for Baby? Get a Job at Zillow

The Seattle-based real estate company is the latest tech firm to revise its policies for new mothers and fathers. Here's what they're promising their employees.

Twitter's New Perk for Working Moms? Free Breast Milk Deliveries

Twitter joins the ranks of tech companies offering amazing benefits to working mothers. Will your company be next?

Amazon Mom's Experience Proves U.S. Maternity Leave is Still Broken

Are maternity rights for women getting better? Yes, it seems, if you work for a high-flying tech company. But maybe not this one.

This Meteorologist Had the Best Response Ever to Pregnant-Body Shamers

Talking smack about a pregnant woman? That's just low.

College Fires Star Professor for Being Unmarried and Pregnant

Coty Richardson was in good standing at Northwest Christian University, until she became pregnant. Now she's suing them.

Hey Moms, Watch This & Tell Us: Is Your Morning Routine This Frazzled?

Every mom (working or otherwise) will relate to this so-spot-on-it's-funny parody video of a harried morning routine.

Here's What the Netflix Unlimited Parental Leave Policy Means For You

The company's decision to offer a year of unlimited maternity leave is making waves around the tech world, with Microsoft following suit. But could it make a difference where you work?

Could This Bill Put You at Risk of Being Fired?

The First Amendment Defense Act would let bosses fire women for being pregnant. Can we ever catch a break?

This CEO Hid Her Pregnancy in 2012. But She's Not Now.

A second pregnancy inspired Talia Goldstein to come out about hiding it to investors the first time. Here's why she did it.

Virgin Employees Get Best Maternity Leave Ever

A whole year of full paid maternity leave? Sir Richard Branson, we love you! And guess what? It helps everybody.

The Wage Gap Between Moms and Dads Sucks

Remember that wage gap? Well it gets even bigger when you add a baby to the mix. Face. Palm.

John Oliver, You Might Be Our Newest Hero

Maternity leave is bulls*** in the USA, and John Oliver calls it.

Is America Finally Giving New Moms a Break?

We're sensing a sea change in the social and political landscape in the U.S., and it's great news for pregnant women and new moms
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