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Dog Meets Baby

When baby arrives, are you thinking, “Move over, Rover”?

4 Things That Change Forever After Baby (Both Good and Bad)

How life changes once you're a parent.

Older Parenthood

Genetic testing, sweatpants and choosing when to worry.

Will Our Marriage Survive Multiples? Preparing for Life With Twins

One newborn baby is enough of a handful ... what about raising two?

Your Incredible Shrinking Brain

Pregnancy brain is real, a new study shows.

Parents Stay Connected With NICU "Babycams"

Webcams help family members bond long distance with preemies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Tiny Habits That Cause Big Marriage Problems

Use these relationship tips to acheive a healthy marriage, even with the stress of having a new baby in the house.
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Eric Decker and Jessie James: Racy Photo Shoot Featuring Her Baby Bump

Pregnant pop singer Jessie James and her Denver Broncos husband reveal her baby bump, and more, in a racy photo shoot for GQ Magazine.
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Fatherhood: An Honest Documentary About Becoming a Parent

Hank Azaria talks to celebrity dads about childbirth, then has a shocking birth experience of his own.

Healthy Meal Ideas

Daphne Oz, host of The Chew, tells us her favorite preggo-friendly dishes—recipes included
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The Best Baby Bumps at the Golden Globes

Olivia Wilde, Kerry Washington, and Drew Barrymore show off their beautiful bumps.
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Danielle Jonas Video: Her Pregnancy Journey and Plans for Childbirth

Danielle and Kevin Jonas share their feelings about approaching parenthood, and reveal their decision about television cameras at their baby's birth.

10 Baby Registry Must-Haves

Daphne Oz shares the top items on her registry. Plus, nursery decorating ideas, useful baby gear, and more.
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Celebrity Babies: 2013 in Review

The most talked about babies of the year.
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