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Going Green

Protect your baby while you protect the planet

There's no better time than pregnancy to think about creating a healthier environment for your baby and yourself. Even little changes in your home, your behaviours, and your diet will help protect your growing family and the planet your baby will inherit. Here's your one-stop resource for making your pregnancy a greener, more eco-conscious pregnancy.

Going Green ResourcesHealthy Baby Healthy Planet
5 ways to have a green pregnancy

The Myth Of The Placental Barrier
Your baby’s first environment isn’t as toxin-free as you might think. Here’s how to shelter him from harm.

Green Anatomy
Actress Jessica Capshaw knows the importance of staying healthy—and chemical-free—for her baby.

Clean Air Acts
Simple steps to make your home healthier for your whole family

The Green Queen
Why TV host Sara Snow doesn’t worry about germs.

Bottom Line
Finding the greenest diapering option.

Tree-hugger Style
Maternity clothes that get the environmental green light.

It's Easy Being Green
We asked. You answered. Of readers polled online, 69 percent are now more concerned with "going green" than before they became pregnant.

Green Companies & Products
From baby gear to cleaning supplies—products you can feel good about

Detox Your Diet
6 ways to protect your baby and yourself from harmful, overprocessed foods and make your prenatal diet as safe and natural as possible

Natural Baby
Safe, effective remedies for common first-year ailments

The Natural Nursery
Choose durable, natural materials such as wood and seagrass to add texture to the room.

Babymoons (Green + Affordable)
A “babymoon” is a great way for couples to spend luscious time with each other and perhaps eat, read or finish a thought before it’s all about the baby.

Organic and Healthy Skin Care
The best advice on organic skin care, good-for-you fragrance (essential oils only, please!) and natural makeup for moms-to-be.

Toxic Ten To Avoid
The Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database, Skin Deep, recommends avoiding these ingredients, which have been shown in studies to produce negative health effects.