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1st Trimester

BPA in Pregnancy Tied to Lower Weight in Girls

Bisphenol-A (BPA) has become something of a toxic buzzword of late. It's everywhere you look—from the plastic that wraps your food to your long scroll-of-a-receipt at the drug store—and it can be particularly important to avoid during pregnancy.

Should Doctors Wait to Diagnose Miscarriage?

When pregnant women go for their first ultrasound, it is usually a time of joy. But for some, an early ultrasound can lead to uncertainty about their pregnancy and requires a followup. Waiting to find out if you're going to have a miscarriage can be brutal, but it's crucial that doctors get it right so they don't misdiagnose a pregnancy that's actually viable—a rare occurrence, but something that shouldn't happen at all.

Doctors Detect Placenta Problems in 1st Tri

Your placenta is crucial to keeping your pregnancy healthy—it transfers nutrients and blood to your baby, helping her develop and grow.

Two Totally Different Pregnancy Announcements

It's become a tradition for parents-to-be to document their pregnancy announcement in photos and on video. The announcements are always adorable, but these two couples have completely raised the bar.

See Husband Shock Wife with Pregnancy News

Alright Mama, we need your help on this one. We can't decide if we would laugh or get a little annoyed if our husbands played this pregnancy prank on us.

First Trimester Stress Linked to Brain Disorders

Stress and early parenthood inevitably go hand in hand. But unnecessary stress during pregnancy should be avoided if possible for a few newly specified reasons, according to a study published in Endocrinology.

How Casey Wilson Fought Morning Sickness

When Casey Wilson and husband David Caspe, creator of Happy Endings and Marry Me, decided to try for a child together, they didn't have to try very long. "We were lucky and blessed enough to get pregnant the first time we tried," she said in an exclusive interview with Fit Pregnancy. "I thought it would take much longer."

Should You Test for an Underactive Thyroid?

Located in your neck, the thyroid gland produces hormones that affect metabolism, breathing, heart and nervous system functions, body temperature and more. During your pregnancy, your baby is entirely dependent on receiving thyroid hormone—which plays a large role in fetal brain and nervous system development—from you for the first trimester.