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Circumcision Debate Heats Up After Baby Dies

A 22-day-old baby boy died in Ontario recently after receiving a routine circumcision. The child's parents said they did not want the procedure for their son, a view-point that coincides with that of the Canadian Pediatric Society. But after being persuaded by a family physician, the parents eventually agreed.

Tickling Could be Part of Child Development

It's an unwritten rule that you must tickle the tiny toes of every baby you see.

Amanda Palmer Breastfeeds Like a Boss at Book-Signing

Singer, songwriter, writer, and activist, Amanda Palmer just published her first book: The Art of Asking. And while she was doing a different kind of tour than she's used to, she was busy breastfeeding her baby, Anthony, at a book signing.

Can we get a hell f***ing yeah for another celeb who is trying to normalize breastfeeding?

Reason Moms Stop Nursing Linked to PPD

The reason a woman stops breastfeeding is closely linked to her risk for postnatal depression, according to a new study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Can You Prevent Food Allergies in Your Baby?

Figuring out what to feed your baby when they are just starting on solids is tricky enough, but add in the question of how to prevent food allergies and it gets even harder. Is it better to avoid common allergenic foods like nuts until baby is older? Or should you go ahead and offer them right away?

Summer Babies Healthier in the Long Run

If you've just found out you're pregnant and calculated your due date, you'll be happy to hear that summer babies tend to be healthier as adults, according to a new report. Its authors say more sunlight during the second and third trimesters—and thus more vitamin D exposure—could be responsible for these results.

Zooey Deschanel Picks a Sea Animal Baby Name

When it comes to celebrity baby names, off-the-wall monikers are as common as stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Is Your Baby is Eligible for a $500 Head Start?

If your due date is within the next week or so, we suggest pulling out that castor oil, ordering some spicy Thai food, walking around or getting hubs to, um, take you to the bedroom. Why? If your baby is born today—October 19—she is eligible to receive a $500 mutual fund investment from Voya Financial.

Rebecca Romijn: 'Dolly Parton Named My Daughter'

Have you ever wondered how celebrities come up with their children's names? If so, here's a story that might pique your interest: It turns out, Dolly Parton had a major hand in naming Rebecca Romijn's daughter.

Romijn appeared on The Today Show to discuss her work on the TV show The Librarians—but while she was there, she also shared a more personal anecdote.