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Families Spending More on Child Care Than Rent

Raising children has always been—and likely always will be—pretty pricey. In spite of this, we're surprised to say it but in many US cities, people spend more on child care than they do on rent.

Smart Stroller Aims to Make Parenthood Easier

If you're a mom, you probably know that anything that can make your life a little bit easier is more or less invaluable. That's why you'll probably want to learn more about Smartbe, the new "smart" stroller that just might be able to take one major mommy duty off your hands. Literally.

Latest Joey Salads Breastfeeding Video is a Little Odd

Now, don't get us wrong—anyone who stands up in defense of (totally normal, awesome, great-for-babies) breastfeeding is taking a step in the right direction. But the latest viral breastfeeding video created by Joey Salads has us a little confused.

Cord Blood Reveals Allergy Markers at Birth

Food allergies in kids are on the rise, yet the cause remains a mystery. Because the effects of these allergies can be so serious, many new moms are rightly concerned about what they can do to prevent them in their babies.

Undercover Video Proves Breastfeeding Bias

Raise your hand if you've been on the receiving end of negative comments while breastfeeding in public. It happens—and quite often—but with the recent #normalizebreastfeeding movement it seemed like maybe, just maybe, the tide was turning.

Dad Fights for Right to Diaper-Changing Tables

There's always a lot of talk about gender equality in parenting: Who gets up more? Who's the bad cop and the good cop? Who has better benefits? Are moms taken less seriously in the workplace than dads? And while women often get the short-end of the stick, it's the dads who don't have equal access to diaper duty.

At least in public restrooms.

Star Wars Only Thing That Calms This Baby

A Texas father posted a video of his sweet baby doing something most babies tend to do a lot of: crying. But unlike most babies, this child is instantly calmed by one very specific song.

And no, it isn't "Let it Go."

The father, Micah Hayman, posted two seperate videos of baby Eli crying, only to stop immediately when "The Imperial March," which is Darth Vader's theme song from the Star Wars franchise, is played. 

Don't believe us? See below.

How C-Sections & Breast Milk Affect Baby's Gut

You'd do anything to keep your baby healthy—and it turns out, what happens during your child's earliest days can have a strong influence on a certain health issue.

Mom Thanks Flight Attendant for Calming Son

Heather Gooch was understandably nervous about flying with her 9-month-old son, Aiden. It was only the second time Aiden had ever been in the air and the first time he'd ever been awake on a flight—but thanks to a special flight attendant, Aiden's second flight was a success.

9 Times Breastfeeding Won in 2015

This year might not have been the year that effectively 'freed the nipple'—but we're at least flashing it a little more now, without shame. There's always a lot of discussion around breastfeeding and sadly, a lot of it is negative. But what we loved about 2015 was how many women stood up wholeheartedly for their right to feed their babies when and wherever they please.