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A Beginner's Guide to Tandem Breastfeeding

If you're a pregnant mom with a nursing toddler, congrats! Many mothers who start breastfeeding don't continue, and you have defeated the odds. If you don't want to stop nursing when Baby #2 comes along, you don't have to. Tandem nursing—or nursing two babies at once—is becoming more popular with the rise in breastfeeding rates and it's perfectly safe to do: Your toddler won't hog your newborn's milk because the breast has the amazing ability to adjust to the demands it's given. Plus nursing both kids has been shown to improve the bond between siblings and relieve engorgement for moms.

Memorable Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Christmas

A lot has changed this year for you and your hubby. You went from Netflix and wine on the couch to baby bottles, severe lack of sleep and so much love you can both hardly remember what your life was like before Baby arrived. It's a special time of year, and likely one that you'll always think fondly of when you look back decades down the road.

Mark Zuckerberg Posts Diaper-Changing Picture

Talk about a multitasker. New dad Mark Zuckerberg has been letting Facebook users everywhere take a peek inside his world as father to Max Zuckerberg. Most recently, he let fans into an intimate (yet mundane) moment with his daughter when he shared a picture of himself changing baby Max's diaper.

Mark Zuckerberg: His Kid Is Already Smarter Than Us All

Mark Zuckerberg's attention has shifted away from Facebook and towards his newborn daughter in the past few days but that doesn't mean he's any less intellectually stimulated. Mostly because he's already taken to reading to his baby—and he's not picking up the usual baby books, like Goodnight Moon, either.

Baby Weight Gain Linked to Type 1 Diabetes

Everyone loves a chunky baby, and chubby rolls are often looked at as a sign of a well-fed, and well-developing, child.

Whoopi Goldberg Slams Extended Breastfeeding Moms

Whoopi Goldberg does not hold back. The co-host of The View is notoriously opinionated and her most recent comments were as extreme as ever. But this time, they were about a topic many women have very, very strong feelings about: breastfeeding.

Australian Artist Shows What Breastfeeding Really Looks Like

We've all seen that widely circulated photo of Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding as a full glam squad hovers around her, primping the supermodel to perfection.

The Beautiful Baby Name That's Taking Over the World

It seems like the options for baby names are endless—there are traditional monikers as well as the names celebrities make out of nouns. There are long names, short names, dramatic names and simple names. There are even "hipster" baby names.

Want to Calm Your Baby Down? Try Singing

Everyone knows lullabies put babies to sleep, but the full extent of music's effect on infants isn't really understood. A new study published in the journal Infancy, though, is shedding light on the calming properties of song, and giving all moms (and dads) a reason to start singing—we promise, your baby won't care how good your voice is!

Circumcision Debate Heats Up After Baby Dies

A 22-day-old baby boy died in Ontario recently after receiving a routine circumcision. The child's parents said they did not want the procedure for their son, a view-point that coincides with that of the Canadian Pediatric Society. But after being persuaded by a family physician, the parents eventually agreed.