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More Hospitals Stop Recommending Formula

When parents leave the hospital with their newborn they're embarking on an adventure of countless firsts. For many, that means learning how to breastfeed with confidence. And now, even more hospitals are on board with helping new moms navigate the frequently challenging waters of nursing.

Photos Show Beauty of Extended Breastfeeding

Mother-in-laws and naysayers have been raising an eyebrow to extended breastfeeding since, like, forever—and after that Time magazine cover, the conversation has become even more heated.

Breastfeeding Elle Cover Sparks a Movement

Australian-Italian model Nicole Trunfio appears on the subscriber cover of Elle Australia clad in an open Burberry suede jacket—and breastfeeding her son, Zion.

Toxic Chemicals Found in 2 in 10 Baby Teethers

Teethers are the kinds of toys we always assumed were safe for babies, given that their primary purpose is to be chewed and gnawed on by little ones. But not all teething devices are free and clear of harmful substances it seems.

Should You Use Baby Talk with Your Little One?

Chances are, from the second you hold your baby in your arms you'll be speaking to him or her with high-pitched, exaggerated cooing sounds. "Who's a cutie pie? You are! Yesss, yooou are!" you'll probably be saying. But a new study from Washington State University presented Tuesday at the Acoustical Society of America's annual meeting shows that it's really only mothers who do this—dads mainly talk to their kids with regular, adult tones.

Dads don't speak motherese


I Finally Have a Baby, So Why Do I Feel Guilty?

So you got through pregnancy successfully and you're holding your precious, hard-earned baby in your arms. Now what?

Could Breast Milk Make Your Baby Happier?

If you could manipulate your breast milk for a happier (and possibly less needy) baby, would you? While scientists have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the immunological and nutritional benefits of mother's milk, the medical community is still not very clear on how it impacts the infant's demeanor.

Senator Pushes Men's Room Changing Tables

There's nothing worse than being in a public place when your baby does his business and finding out that the only bathroom available doesn't have a changing table. It's awkward, messy and stresses you and your screaming, wet child out. Though it's common to harp that hubby doesn't do the diaper dirty work as often as you do, he could have a good excuse. When he's out with your kid alone, chances are there won't be a changing table for him to work with.

9 Steps to a Happy Nanny-Mommy Relationship

When you’re vetting a potential nanny, certain phrases and attitudes should inspire an automatic “Next!” and send you dashing to a better candidate. But once you've found your person, it's important she feels happy and respected. These dos and don'ts will help you find a happy place with your child care provider.



Breastfeeding for Longer Linked to Higher IQ

We always knew breast was best for a healthier baby, but new scientific evidence has revealed that breastfeeding for as long as a year could also make your baby smarter.