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SIDS and Day Care: A Fatal Combination

If you're planning to return to work after maternity leave, you may soon find yourself busily preparing for your child's first day of day care.

What it Means if Your Newborn Can't Focus

As you stare into your newborn baby's eyes, you might want to note how well they're able to focus on your face, since it could provide insight into how they'll behave when they're older.

Breastfeeding Baby Could Nix Need for Braces

Whether to breast- or bottle-feed is a very personal decision, but new research has found another benefit to choosing to breastfeed if possible: less dental issues later in life.

Traveling with Baby: The Best Survival Techniques

You know the feeling: You're walking down the aisle of a plane, carrying your baby, and no matter how sweet and quiet she is, everyone is looking at you and clearly hoping you don't sit by them. Newsflash: Traveling with your baby doesn't have to be a battle for sanity. While our first plane trip with our daughter was fraught with anxiety, the actual vacation itself was wonderful, and by the time we were traveling with our second child, I had chilled out.

More Moms Help Moms Through Cross-Nursing

When Susan Goodrich died of a rare amniotic fluid embolism shortly after giving birth in 2009, a community of women in her home state of Michigan stepped up to take on the task of nursing her son.

New Study Rates Baby Toys and Play Spaces

When you first think about your baby registry, the number of toys to choose from can be overwhelming. But which ones are best for your child's development?

8 Outdoor Adventures to Have With Your Baby

You're hot, he's hot, and there's nothing worse than being stuck inside with a sticky baby who wants nothing more than to roll around on some grass. Instead of running that air conditioner on high all season, opt to make this summer the year of outdoor adventures with your littlest friend. Not only is your pint-size love the easiest companion to tote around (it's all the things that come with him that weigh you down), but he's also amazed at every natural wonder he sees.

7 Nursing Tips from Moms Who've Been There

Women are told that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world—breast is best! But no one mentions the emotional drain, flat nipples, over supply, clogged milk ducts or any of the other nursing issues you hear about. Breastfeeding—especially in the early days—can be tough.

These 7 Memes Describe Parenting Perfectly

Think back long and hard to those days when you wondered if your hair was flat, if you'd had enough time to make it to spin class, pick up your laundry and catch your favorite show. Or those days when you worried about finding the love of your life, before you met your hubby? The problems you faced pre-marriage and babies might seem trivial compared to the parent probs you have now.