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Could Breast Milk Make Your Baby Happier?

If you could manipulate your breast milk for a happier (and possibly less needy) baby, would you? While scientists have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the immunological and nutritional benefits of mother's milk, the medical community is still not very clear on how it impacts the infant's demeanor.

Senator Pushes Men's Room Changing Tables

There's nothing worse than being in a public place when your baby does his business and finding out that the only bathroom available doesn't have a changing table. It's awkward, messy and stresses you and your screaming, wet child out. Though it's common to harp that hubby doesn't do the diaper dirty work as often as you do, he could have a good excuse. When he's out with your kid alone, chances are there won't be a changing table for him to work with.

9 Steps to a Happy Nanny-Mommy Relationship

When you’re vetting a potential nanny, certain phrases and attitudes should inspire an automatic “Next!” and send you dashing to a better candidate. But once you've found your person, it's important she feels happy and respected. These dos and don'ts will help you find a happy place with your child care provider.



Breastfeeding for Longer Linked to Higher IQ

We always knew breast was best for a healthier baby, but new scientific evidence has revealed that breastfeeding for as long as a year could also make your baby smarter.

Pregnancy Abs Model Gives Birth to 8lb Baby!

Sarah Stage, the Costa Rican model made famous for her Instagram photos of her pregnancy abs, has given birth to a big, healthy baby boy—and she's sharing some pretty adorable pictures of the guy.

Breastfeeding in Public: 5 Ways to Get it Right

After our first daughter was born, my inaugural nursing in public (NIP) attempt took place in the private booth of a darkly lit restaurant, under a nursing cover. By the time daughter number two came around, I was using that nursing cover as a burp cloth and breastfeeding brazenly in public. At four weeks postpartum, I ventured to Ikea for toy storage, babysitter in tow to help wrangle Big while I carried Little.

5 New Ways to Beat the Baby Blues

It’s no secret that becoming a new mom can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life—but it can also be one of the scariest and most stressful. “Motherhood is a major life transition, and you will feel the whole spectrum of human emotion from fear and loneliness to the heights of joy and love,” says Kayleigh Pleas, a wellness coach in New York City.

It's Here! Postpartum: The Musical

Being a new mom can be crazy, messy and, yes, amazing—but it can also be super rough (hello, 4 a.m. feeds). From breastfeeding disasters to pee in your face, sometimes you just gotta laugh it off.

How to Pump Breast Milk While Driving

There I was, hurtling down the highway at 60 mph in my Honda CRV, topless save for a purple paisley Hooter Hider. I was six months postpartum and late for a friend’s bridal shower. My husband was staying home with our baby, but I had two C-cup bambinos of my own, and with hours until I’d next be able to nurse, I needed to take matters into my own hands. Or, shall I say, my own flanges.