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How to Find a Babysitter or Day Care You Trust

Planning your options post-maternity leave? There are plenty of loving, gifted caregivers out there who consider watching kids to be their calling—not just a job. Once you strike gold with your sitter or day care, you’ll be amazed at how confident you can feel waving bye-bye to your bub in the morning. But where to begin? Take this quiz to find out what kind of child care you (and your baby!) will love.


The Mother 'Hood Video: Mom Cliques 101

When you’re pregnant with your first child, you may not realize that you’re about to enter a whole new arena of mommy social order.

Tia Mowry: My Son Is in the Fibbing Stage!

Mowry, the star of Nickelodeon series Instant Mom, talks to Fit Pregnancy about what to do when your kid discovers how to tell little white lies—and if there’s going to be a brother or sister on the way for her son, Cree.

Why Unisex Baby Names Are on the Rise

With nontraditional baby names on the rise, it makes sense that many moms and dads are opting for androgynous monikers. “Parents are inventing names and using words or last names as first names that have no traditional gender,” says Baby Name Wizard Laura Wattenberg. But with more options come more questions. Wattenberg helps sift through the confusion.

Find Your Happy Weight After Baby

It takes time to get back into your bikini-body shape after having a little one, but the key to settling into a happy weight may be more about making time for pleasure than going on a deprivation diet.

8 Steps to Easing Back into a Fitness Routine After Birth

I remember chatting with a friend about a month before I was due with my son about my postpartum exercise routine. At that time, I was an avid morning gym goer — 6:30 am spin classes — things one can do before baby! I was under the great delusion that I would miss a couple of weeks and then be right back into my fitness regimen.

Feel (a Lot) Happier as a Mom

Terri Greenlee had just recovered from a C-section when she made her first venture out for groceries with her 8-week-old daughter, Emelie. In the checkout line, a grinning stranger tapped her on the shoulder with a mouthful of advice: “Enjoy this special time. It goes by so fast.” Greenlee wasn’t looking for a side of parenting advice to go with her pasta sauce—but there it was.

10 Things All New Moms Should Know

Twelve years ago I had a one-month old daughter. Those days, with my first newborn, seem like both moments ago and an entirely different lifetime. The truth is I found those days long and very difficult. And yet, now, all these years later, I would give almost anything to have them back. Perspective is a funny thing, lighting everything as it does with nostalgia, and smoothing over some of the jagged parts at the same time.