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The Sisterhood of Motherhood

Once you’re a mother, you have a bond with women in other parts of the country and in fact with mothers all over the world. This bond encourages all of us to raise the next generation of Americans and world citizens to reach their highest potential because our children will change the world for better or worse. We mothers are in this together and I, for one, am grateful that we have each others’ backs.  

Storing Breastmilk


It's hard to believe that milk can stay out of the refrigerator and not go bad, but when it comes to breast milk, it's true. That's because mother's milk is an antibiotic of sorts, capable of killing many bacteria and viruses. That said, even though some experts say breast milk can be kept at normal room temperature for up to eight hours without the danger of bacterial growth, I'm not comfortable with leaving it unrefrigerated for more than four to six hours.

New mom fitness resolutions


Congratulations on losing your pregnancy weight! This shows you have what it takes to do whatever is needed to succeed. For starters, don’t set goals for yourself that are too tough to reach. Be sure you have a fitness plan that you can actually follow, and build in small goals that are easy to achieve.

Also, it’s always helpful to have a workout buddy or a trainer who will help keep you accountable. If you do miss a workout or fall off your meal plan, don’t let a setback stand in your way. Instead, stay positive and get right back on track the following day.

Your Pumping Problems, Solved

If you’re a new mom and nursing for the first time, pumping can seem downright daunting. But with a little planning and know-how, it’s easy to master the art of pumping—and to find the time to do it. Here, expert answers to the most common questions about expressing breast milk.

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4 Easy-to-Use Cloth Diapers

With cheerful fabrics, major moisture-wicking abilities and ouch-free fasteners, modern cloth diapers are nothing like the nappies your grandma used. They make changes a snap and don’t clog landfills. Plus, choosing cloth saves money, too. “It’s possible to get set up with cloth diapers and accessories for around $350 to $500 for 2½ years of use,” says Paula DeVore, cloth diapering expert and owner of Babyworks, who notes that disposable diapers over the same time frame may cost upward of $1,800.

Can Childhood Obesity Be Predicted at Birth?

You may have heard the good news: childhood obesity is on the decline! Still, one in three children are considered overweight. Is your child at risk?

3 Parenting Tips for the Modern Mama

You don't need us to tell you about change (hellooo, new baby, new body, and new motherhood). But parenting advice changes over time, too. Here, three new recommendations for mothers of the 21st century.