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The Stroller Workout

Designed exclusively for Fit Pregnancy by Strollercize founder Elizabeth Trindade, this is a 30-minute circuit-style workout that alternates between 5-minute cardio intervals (pushing the stroller) and 1- to 2-minute toning sessions (using the stroller as support).

Getting The Hang Of Being A New Mom

For some women, new motherhood is a snap. For others, it can be tough getting into the swing of things and it takes time to become a natural. A 2012 study has actually put a number on it: four months and 23 days to be exact, according to a report from the Daily Mail.  

Reflections on Motherhood: Ivanka Trump

On her morning routine with daughter Arabella:
“I got her a subscription to National Geographic kids' magazine … and as I’m reading the newspaper each morning, she’ll flip through that or sit on my lap and ask me questions about what I am reading. She’s pretty verbal for a 2 year old, so she’s able to engage in these types of dialogues. It is very cute. Before it was just looking at pictures and pointing; now she’s able to tell me about the giant whale that she thinks is very cool.”

Ivanka's Mommy Musts



I make kale chips. I toss kale leaves with salt and pepper and olive oil. Then I roast them at 400° F for about 20 minutes. 


Skin care:

Beauty is another area I go organic during pregnancy. I use a lot of Tammy Fender products. They’re all organic and her creams have rich texture. 



So many organic diapers are brown; they look like recycled paper, not what you want to put on your cute baby! Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company makes the cutest organic diapers that really work. 

Babies Healthier With Dog, Cat In Their Lives

We all know that there is a long list of benefits in having a cat or a dog as an adult. But a 2012 study out of Finland has proven that dogs can be a baby's best friend, too — especially when it comes to the child's heath, as CBS News reported.

Breastfeeding Guide For The Whole First Year

The first days and weeks of breastfeeding often boil down to sheer survival: getting your baby to latch onto (and stay on!) your breast; functioning on what often feels like mere minutes of sleep; and willing yourself to keep going if you’re having problems.

Yet at some point down the road, when you and your baby have made it through the getting-to-know-each-other period, you’re likely to have different questions and concerns.

Wrap Your Baby Right

Swaddling your newborn may help her wake less at night, sleep longer and calm her crying, but improper technique could have an unintended side effect: hip dysplasia, or problems with the hip joint, according to some pediatric orthopedists. Seventeen percent of newborns have some degree of “immaturity” of their hips, studies show, which usually resolves on its own in the first few months of life. While this happens to coincide with prime swaddling time, it’s safe to wrap your baby as long as the hips can move and bend, experts agree.

Cry-It-Out Method

In an interview with Robert Sears, M.D., author of The Portable Pediatrician book and app, we asked about the practice of letting a baby “cry it out,” and he made some interesting points: “Newborn babies are just no

Chickpeas with Garam Masala Purée

Garam Masala has one of those fabulous, exotic names that scare most people off when they see it in the spice aisle. It’s actually a mix of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, black pepper and coriander. This dish has a mix of protein, vegetables a starch and is vegetarian.

Tuscan White Bean Purée

Cannelini beans, also known as white beans have a smooth texture and a nutty flavor. Combined with the brown rice, you have a 
complete protein. I’ve been making the adult version of this dish for years. When you 
make this for babies it becomes a creamy purée that—I’ve found—they can’t stop eating.