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The Big Time: Leo gets a bed, I become a lunch lady

Leo jumped out of the crib last week and we knew it was time: Big Boy Bed. So we piled in the car, bought sheets, picked up the twin bed and boxspring we’d had in storage, took apart the crib and changing table and poof! Big Boy Bed. No sooner did we stack the crib in the hallway than I suggested giving it away and Aaron looked at me funny. “Isn’t that kind of a big decision?” he asked. I stared at him blankly for a minute before it dawned on me. Ah, yes, well that would be.

Surprising Breastfeeding Benefits

You've likely heard that breastfeeding can confer some pretty impressive benefits to your baby—reduced ear infections and asthma, maybe even a bump in IQ among them. Turns out there are even more perks for your little one, not to mention for you, society and even Mother Earth.

Baby Loves Halloween

We all know that a baby's Halloween is more about mom and dad (and don't forget grandma) than it is about your little one. It's likely that he or she won't remember this day at all. But that doesn't mean that you can't make it a memorable day of dress-up for your baby. After all, you'll always have the photos to look back on (and all the candy from trick-or-treating)!

4 Nutritional Tips for Nursing Moms

We KNOW that planning healthy meals can be tough when you’re exhausted, sore and breastfeeding around the clock.

Brazilian Butt Workout

New Mom's Survival Guide

You’ve no doubt been dreaming about your baby for months: what he’ll look like, whether he’ll be laid-back like his dad or a Type A like you. But chances are, if it’s your first child, you don’t know much about taking care of a newborn.

Well, we’ve been there, and we’re here for you, with everything you need to know to care for yourself as well as your baby in those exciting but often frustrating first weeks. Let’s get started!

First Things First

How to get motherhood off to a great start while you’re still in the hospital.

To Rant or Not to Rant: Fine Thanks, and How Was Your Weekend?

So I’m wondering whether ‘tis nobler in the mom blog to focus on that one redeeming something that somehow happened in the midst of everything else, or to unleash the pent-up misery of a weekend from hell upon you, gentle, undeserving reader…

What’s that you say? Oh, okay, maybe just a few highlights:

20 Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Reduced ear infections? Check. Lower risk for asthma? Yup. Bump in IQ? Sure. Breastfeeding your baby brings all these benefits—plus a whole lot more.

1. A healthier baby

Month-by-Month Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight

After being completely focused on your pregnancy for nine months, it can be sort of shocking to see just yourself when you look in the mirror after your baby is born. As you heal and get into the swing of new motherhood, you might start eyeing your postpartum body with suspicion and wonder if you’ll ever fit into your prepregnancy jeans again.

Daddy's Home!

For the first two years that new father Greg Barbera stayed home to care for his son while his wife returned to her job, he didn’t refer to himself as a stay-at-home dad (SAHD). He wasn’t ashamed—Barbera knew that his was an important, challenging and rewarding opportunity. But the arrangement didn’t sit as well with a lot of people the Durham, N.C.-based journalist encountered, so it simply became easier for Barbera to say, “I’m staying home right now and freelancing while I look for another job.”