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Water Births Perfectly Safe According to New Study

If you're worried about an upcoming water birth, or weighing up your delivery options, you can breathe easier. A recent study from Oregon State University found no evidence that water births come with increased risk.

Blizzard Sees Babies Born in All Kinds of Ways

Storm Jonas had East Coast residents stuck inside for days—but no amount of planning, grocery shopping or Netflix binging can work in your favor if you're a pregnant women who goes into labor while your city is on lockdown from a blizzard.

But many women managed to give birth successfully—even with Jonas coming down strong. Here are three awe-inspiring stories...

Selfie Shows What Post-Birth Really Looks Like

When we hear about childbirth, we often hear words like "magical," "beautiful" and "miraculous" thrown around—and while all these words certainly apply to the unparalleled experience of literally creating life, they don't fully describe the reality of it. 

Could Going Past Your Due Date Put Baby at Risk?

Did you know that just 5 percent of women give birth on their due dates? While we often think of preterm birth as the dangerous alternative to births that happen right on schedule, the truth is, complications can arise when a woman is pregnant past that 40-week mark as well.

These Amazing Preemie Twins are Going Viral

A video of premature twins has earned over 70,000 shares on Facebook—and when you see it, you'll absolutely understand why.

Anthea Jackson-Rushford shared the video in question. It features her infant twins, Kristiana and Kristian, who were born at just over 28 weeks gestation. Though the twins weighed in at just over two pounds each, the sight of them is nothing short of inspirational.

Stillbirth Still a Major Problem

It seems like there's a new, amazing medical breakthrough in the field of maternal and infant health every day, but we've made very slow progress in regards to one major, major problem: Stillbirths still claim 2.6 million lives every year.

Uber Driver Refuses to Pick Up Woman in Labor

Imagine this, if you will: you're in labor. Your husband and birthing coach are standing with you on a curb in New York City and your Uber driver is on his way. When he arrives and sees that you're about to pop out a baby, he argues with you for a good 10 minutes about not taking you to the hospital in case you mess up his back seat. Eventually, he pulls away and refuses to take you to the emergency room where you desperately need to go.

Couple Tweets Awesome Home Birth Story

Last week, we heard about a certain presidential hopeful's home birth story. This week, there's another, (albeit more believable) home birth story making the rounds. The only difference is that this one can be read in its entirety on Twitter.

Wife of Ben Carson Shares Unbelievable Birth Story

Ben Carson's wife, Candy Carson, just released a memoir, A Doctor in the House: My Life with Ben Carson, and while there were undoubtedly several interesting revelations detailed in the book, one OB-GYN is fixating on a specific story. 

Home Birth 101: Everything You Need to Know

Home births might seem like risky moves favored only by the hippy-dippy set, but according to a recent study from researchers at the University of Oregon Health & Science University, women who give birth at home might be at one particular advantage: They're more likely to give birth naturally and vaginally. And while home births are not without risks, they're also probably nothing to fear.