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Induction Does Not Increase C-Section Risk

Most pregnant women who want to give birth naturally believe that being induced increases their chances of having a cesarean section. With C-section rates hovering around 33 percent in the U.S.—higher than ever before, with all signs pointing to their continued climb—expectant women are left wondering how they can avoid unnecessary surgery and whether medical induction has anything to do with it.

Is Every C-Section Really Necessary?

You wouldn't have major surgery unless it was a medical necessity, right? Most people would consider this basic logic, and yet, it doesn't seem to apply when it comes to childbirth.

Did This Woman Have the Shortest Labor Ever?

An Australian mother wins the award for shortest labor ever after giving birth to her fifth child in two minutes flat. Yes, TWO minutes. And was she surprised? Not at all. Amazingly, she's never been in labor for longer than two hours.

Many Moms-to-Be Live Too Far from a Hospital

Worrying about access to a hospital with a labor and delivery unit sounds like something you’d file under Not A First World Problem. However, for some pregnant women here in the U.S., especially those living in rural areas, the nearest hospital capable of providing proper obstetric services can be hours away.

Keira Knightley Reveals Her Birth Plan

Keira Knightley, who is pregnant with her first child, is playing it by ear when it comes to giving birth later this year, she told Ellen DeGeneres this week.

Why Kristen Bell Really Enjoyed Her Epidural

When Kristen Bell gave birth to her second daughter, Delta, 7 weeks ago, an unexpected c-section led to an unexpected epidural. Although a more natural birth may have been in the original plans, taking the labor drugs actually “felt really great”, she told Ellen DeGeneres on Monday.

Dax Shepard on Kristen Bell and Her C-Section

Hindsight, as they say, is 20-20, and if you can laugh about 33 hours of labor followed by a C-section, well, that seems like perfect vision to us.

6 Labor Tips That Help You Rock Your First Birth

You successfully made a baby (that was the fun part!) and by now you have this whole pregnancy thing down. Labor, though, is fast approaching—a fact you may simultaneously dread and cheer. But even if this is Baby #1, you can approach L&D with the cool of a pro who’s delivered a whole passel of kids.

Beyond Lamaze: The New Childbirth Classes

When Julie Wax learned she was due with No. 2, she knew she wanted a labor and delivery class that would help her feel truly prepared. During her first pregnancy with her son, Craig, she chose a traditional program. "I just took what was offered through my local hospital—I didn’t know I had other options," she says. "I didn’t really trust what the instructor had to say because she didn’t seem experienced in all the approaches.