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Husband Films Wife Giving Birth in Their Car

Well, this is one for the outrageous birth books!
Almost 8 million people have viewed Lesia Pettijohn giving birth to her son, Josiah, while her husband, Jon, filmed the whole thing.

Photographer Captures Beauty of Home Birth

Childbirth doesn't generally give off zen vibes, but this new series of photos from Florida photographer Kathy Rosario shows that delivery through a home birth can be, well, peaceful.

C-Section Preemies Benefit from 'Cord Milking'

You may have heard that delayed cord clamping (DCC), waiting to cut the umbilical cord until all the blood has flowed back into baby, has health benefits for your newborn. But doctors are taking things one step further with a new technique called "cord milking": actually pushing the blood back toward the baby with their fingers right after birth.

Quiz: Which Childbirth Class Is Right For You?

There's so much to think about when you're pregnant, especially if it's your first time. Like what do you do if you go into labor? What the heck do you pack for the hospital? And breastfeeding—how does that work? Good news: there's a class for all of that.

8 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Labor Worries

Virtually every pregnant woman has a few anxious moments in the lead-up to labor and delivery. It’s only natural considering the stories you hear. Women all over the world have shared with me their fears of all kinds of birth-related issues that are almost always universal—from anxiety about the pain of labor to fear for you and your baby’s wellbeing.

5 Ways a Doula Supports a Dad Through Labor

When pregnant couples look to hire a doula to support them during pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond, they often don't realize that their support extends to the partner. Dads play a very important role during labor and birth, so ensuring that they are supported and feel confident stepping into their new role is on the top of a doula's mind throughout her time with a family.

How Many C-Sections Can You Have?

Having a C-section is not a decision that doctors or laboring women take lightly. Thankfully, in the United States, the surgeries are performed by highly qualified professionals, so mothers and babies are in good hands to help navigate any associated risks. Most moms who have a cesarean will also go on to birth their future children via the same method. But how many C-sections can you safely have?

C-sections May Hold Long-Term Health Risks for Baby

Most women who have a cesarean section, do it because they have to: for the sake of their own health and the health of their baby. In these circumstances, a C-section is often a life-saving procedure that has us thanking modern medicine with every fiber of our exhausted post-birth body. But a significant proportion of C-sections in the U.S.

Nurses vs. Doulas vs. Midwives: Who's Who

When it comes time to push out your baby, you'll be doing all the hard work, Mama—but there are plenty of people who can help you along the way. Your partner, of course, can hold your hand and wipe your sweaty brow during delivery, and your OB (if you choose to use one) will take care of your medical needs. But here are some other people who might be part of your D-Day team.