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Chrissy Teigen Opens Up To Tyra About Fertility

If you don't already have a girl crush on Sports Illustrated Model and soon-to-be author Chrissy Teigen you're about to. Infamous for showing the unglamorous part of what seems like a pretty magical life from the outside, Chrissy got real about her fertility struggles with Tyra Banks on an episode of FABLife, set to air this Monday.

The Wrong Diet Could Harm Your Future Baby

Eating a healthy diet is an important goal for most pregnant women, but what about pre-pregnancy nutrition? A new study is indicating that women should probably be thinking about what's on their plates well before they try for a baby.

New Research Tells Couples When to Start TTC

You know you want to have children some day, but then things like work get in the way and it can be tricky to settle on that exact moment to start trying. Good news: Much like asking Google whether you actually need to bring a gift to a gender reveal party, you can now leave it to an algorithm to figure out your life.

Drinking & Conceiving Could Put Baby at Risk

Trying to conceive often means skipping happy hour or your daily dose of wine or beer. But considering that up to half of all pregnancies are unplanned, many women continue to imbibe around the time of conception without even knowing they're putting their babies at risk.

Exposure to Toxins Before TTC May Harm Babies

The list of what not to do during pregnancy seems unending, but if you've heard the one about not eating microwave popcorn, you might want to follow it—even before conceiving.

New Sperm Test Could Solve Infertility Issues

Women might still be getting paid 77 cents on the dollar, but equality between the sexes is coming to the world of fertility.

A group of researchers, led by a professor from Wayne State University in Detroit, have developed a test for sperm that aims to give a more accurate measure of how much a wanna-be dad contributes to a couple's fertility, potentially helping couples conceive faster.

Over-the-Counter Fertility Pills Gain Popularity

If only getting pregnant was as easy as you thought it was in your early 20s. Instead, when you're finally ready to come off birth control, you're also ready to be pregnant, like yesterday. And when it doesn't happen after your first BCP-free cycle, the impatience sets in.

11 Things to Try Before Seeing a Fertility Doctor

Trying to get pregnant can be really exciting, but it can quickly turn stressful if months go by and you're not pregnant yet. First of all, know that it takes the average young couple 4-6 months to conceive, with approximately 85-95% getting pregnant after one year of trying.

Would You Photoshop Your Pregnancy Test?

We all want to know the second our baby is conceived. Although that's not actually possible, there is a new pregnancy test hack, which some women swear by, that could help you know sooner.

Could your iPhone Tell You You're Pregnant?

The future of early parenthood may be even more closely tied to our smartphones.