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Is Kim Kardashian Considering a Surrogate?

Even though 1 in 8 couples struggle with getting pregnant on their own, fertility issues remain the pink elephant at the playground. That's why we're always thrilled when celebs are open and honest about their own experiences. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the latest power couple to share their story.

How Fertility-Friendly is Your State?

Struggling with infertility is no fun for anyone—but you don't have to battle it alone. Sometimes having the right support network can make all the difference for couples trying to conceive. With this in mind, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association has ranked each state in the U.S.

First Baby Born with Help From Stem Cell IVF

At nearly one month old, Canadian baby Zain Rajani is the first baby born in the world with a new in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment that uses stem cells.

9 Ways to Have Hotter Baby-Making Sex

The moment you go birth-control-free, your sex life changes. While some couples find the whole making-a-baby process easy, for others, it can take a little longer. If this is you, your intimate life might feel like a timed obstacle course where you're the ringleader and your hubby is the lead act on display.

Baby-Making Sex: What It's Really Like

Fact: making a baby is something to look forward to. No protection, no anxiety about getting knocked up and, best of all, you get to try with the person you love the most. Also a fact: baby-making sex can be exhausting, frustration, complicated, confusing... and well, redundant at times. If you're aiming for a baby, banking on your fertility window and crossing your fingers and toes that you'll miss your period, you're not alone. Here's what baby-making sex is really like.

When Is It Time to See a Fertility Doctor?

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, every month that goes by without a positive pee stick can feel like an eternity. But you may not need to rush off to the doctor just yet. Here's our guide to help you know when it's time to get checked for possible fertility problems. (But remember: These are guidelines. Please consult your doctor if you're at all unsure.)


5 Fertility Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

The general rule if you're under 35 is to try to conceive for one year before seeing a fertility specialist. But if you have any of these 5 symptoms, you shouldn't wait that long—instead, it's worth booking an appointment with your doctor right away. Not only could treatment help you get pregnant more quickly, but it could even help catch other potentially serious issues sooner, too.

Spot Fertility Problems Sooner: Track Your BBT

When you and your partner first decide to have a baby, you might think you'll get pregnant easily. Then after the first month or two with no success, you wonder, "What if something's wrong?" For a healthy couple under 35, doctors advise a year of trying before seeking infertility treatment. But when you're ready to conceive, that can seem like a really long time.

Pregnancy Reveal Video Spoofs Miley Cyrus

"It's our family we can do what we want," starts this amazing parody of Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop". And in this case it's having kids that Chad Chapman and his talented wife Andrea can't stop doing. But why should they? Their growing clan is literally the cutest and after watching this clip, we want MORE of them!

TTC? New Sean Penn Doc Uncovers a Problem

Just the way An Inconvenient Truth opened people's eyes to climate change, and Food Inc. got us thinking about the damaging side-effects of factory farming, another hard-hitting documentary, in theaters this Friday, is making us think twice about the chemicals lurking in everyday products … especially when it comes to fertility.