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Steamed Tilapia with Fresh Ginger & Lime

At the start of my pregnancy, I craved straightforward, flavorful food like this. The fish is low in mercury, which makes it a great choice for expectant women, and the en papillote technique looks dramatic, but anyone can do it.

Trouble Getting Pregnant? Blame Stress!

You ditched your birth control pills, tracked your cycles using our ovulation calculator, and did the deed (many, many times). So why aren’t you pregnant? Ohio State University researchers may have your answer: You’re too stressed.

How Funny Guy Jimmy Fallon Overcame Infertility

After hosting Late Night since 2009, Jimmy Fallon has inherited The Tonight Show!

Fertility Facts: What 50 Percent of Women Still Don't Know About Conceiving

Ditch the birth control and get busy. That’s all it takes to make a baby, right? Not always: Many lifestyle factors may impede on your journey to motherhood. Still, many women are ill-informed when it comes to fertility, according to a new study published in Fertility & Sterility.

6 Baby-Naming Mistakes Most Parents Make

“I love you, Matt. Oh wait, Mark.” Sound familiar? You’re not the only one to accidentally mix up your kids' names, even if you gave each of them unique names: New research in the online journal PLOS One shows that the slip-up is more likely if your kids have the same initials.

The Pre-Pregnancy Diet Plan...For Him

You know it’s important to develop healthy eating habits before baby comes, but dad’s patterns matter, too, says new research from McGill University in Canada.

Male mice that consumed a folate-deficient diet were 30 percent more likely to have offspring with birth defects, compared to mice that ate a diet rich in folate.

Am I Really Pregnant?

Like most women who've missed a period, Jessica picked up a few pregnancy tests to see if a new baby was on the way. Her first test was negative, but her second, "slightly positive." Then, a few days later, she started to bleed, as if she had a regular period.

Since Jessica had miscarried once before, she had a few questions: “Do you think I was pregnant again, and my body rejected the baby? Or could this be some fluke thing, and this is a normal period?” Let’s break down each concern.

“Was I pregnant again?”

The 411 on Bacterial Vaginosis

A lot of women are worried about the impact of bacterial vaginosis (BV) on their fertility.  Should they be? Let's start by understanding the condition a litte more. BV is  a super common vaginal infection that affects around 16% of women in the US. It’s the most common vaginal infection diagnosed.

Have Celebrities Warped Our Beliefs About Getting Pregnant?

It seems like the media constantly bombards us with information about celebrities who have successful pregnancies. Jessica Simpson gets pregnant again when her first is only several months old. Angelina Jolie goes from having two gorgeous adopted children to a brood of six, including three that are biologically hers.