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Getting Pregnant


Getting Pregnant

Get Healthy, Get Pregnant

Along with a healthy diet, exercise can help you conceive.

Finding Folic Acid Made Easier

Do you make an effort to get enough folic acid or folate?

Age Matters

The effects of age on pregnancy.

Diet Changes That Aid Ovulation

Make these changes to better your chances of improving your ovulatory function.

Get Healthy, Get Pregnant: The Fertility Diet

Answers to important questions about which foods are most, and least, fertility-friendly.

Fertile Hope

"No one should be deprived of the most joyous experiences in life because they didn't get available information at a critical time."
-Heidi, Ewing's Sarcoma

A Helping Hand

What to do—and when—if attempts to get pregnant on your own aren't working.

U.S. Maternity Benefits Lag

Out of 173 countries worldwide, the United States is one of only five that doesn't guarantee paid leave to give birth and care for a newborn.

Unexpectedly Expecting

Coping with a surprise pregnancy

Of Fat and Fertility

Weighing too much--or too little--can make it harder for you to conceive.

Ice Cream Assists in Baby Making

Drinking whole milk and heavy cream and eating butter and rich ice cream can lower the risk of infertility.

The Silent Loss, Part 2

Miscarriage tops the list of many pregnant women's fears, but experts are making big strides toward understanding it.

The Silent Loss

How to help yourself heal after a miscarriage

Womb with A View

In the Womb covers a fetus's week-to-week (and, at times, minute-by-minute) development.
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