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Getting Pregnant


Getting Pregnant

Unexpectedly Expecting

Coping with a surprise pregnancy

Of Fat and Fertility

Weighing too much--or too little--can make it harder for you to conceive.

Ice Cream Assists in Baby Making

Drinking whole milk and heavy cream and eating butter and rich ice cream can lower the risk of infertility.

The Silent Loss, Part 2

Miscarriage tops the list of many pregnant women's fears, but experts are making big strides toward understanding it.

The Silent Loss

How to help yourself heal after a miscarriage

Womb with A View

In the Womb covers a fetus's week-to-week (and, at times, minute-by-minute) development.

Right Place, Right Time

To make a baby, sperm and egg must meet at the ideal moment. Here's how to know when that is.

IVF Linked To Depression

Women who conceive via IVF might have more tough times ahead once they become moms.

Avoiding Gestational Diabetes

A new study sheds light on exercise and gestational diabetes

When To Have The Next One?

The right interval? Not too long, not too short.

The Meandering Y Chromosome

According to a recent British study, 58 percent of women who conceived after a year of trying to get pregnant had male offspring.

Pregnancy Q&A

Connie L. Agnew, M.D., answers your questions about pregnancy.