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Labor and Delivery


Labor and Delivery

5 Surprising Ways a Doula Can Help Outside the Delivery Room

Doulas can be an amazing support during L&D (obviously), but did you know you can also use them for all this other stuff? We didn't.
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The Checkered History of the Delivery Room

In honor of Women’s History Month, we look back at the (sometimes horrific) history of giving birth, and a few aspects of delivery today we can’t wait to see improved

These Post-Birth Selfies are Making Our Day

We love these #BirthJustHappened pics. Because childbirth doesn't need a filter.

Did This Woman Just Have the Shortest Labor Ever?

Who needs painkillers when you can give birth in just two minutes?

Do You Live Too Far from the Hospital?

As hospitals close their labor and delivery units, many women are driving hours before they can deliver their baby. How far is too far?

Episiotomy Rates Are Down—Finally!

Rates are half of what they used to be, but too many women are still having this delivery procedure. Here's how to lower your odds.

6 Labor Tips to Help You Rock Your First Birth

New research shows that confidence is key when it comes to childbirth. Here are the most common labor and delivery fears from moms-to-be—and how you can face them down.

The Newest Trend in Childbirth Classes

A fresh, all-inclusive approach to labor prep is a far cry from your mom’s birth class—and that’s a good thing!

Every Mother Counts: Here's How to Help

The Baby Box has released a newborn essentials box to benefit Every Mother Counts, but they're giving it away for free to five lucky winners!

Got a Holiday Due Date? How to Prepare

A due date that falls smack in the middle of the holiday season can stress out any mama-to-be. Have a smooth delivery with these tips.

Should You Wait Until 12-Weeks to Share Your Pregnancy News?

Many new moms are hesitant about announcing their pregnancy. Let's combat common concerns.

5 Ways to Combat C-Section Judgement

Couldn't delivery vaginally? How to handle the haters.

Are Hospital Births Becoming More Home-Like?

Plus, how you can “homeify” your own hospital birth.

Why Docs Perform C-Sections for Babies in Breech

Plus, the surprising findings of a new study

Should You Find Out Your Baby's Sex?

One study’s surprising findings
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