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Labor and Delivery


Labor and Delivery

Good News: Unplanned C-Sections Come With Unexpected Benefits

Turns out laboring before a C-section is not wasted effort.
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Water Births Perfectly Safe According to New Study

Under the right circumstances, this trendy birthing option could be the way to go.

Going Past 42 Weeks Could Have Complications for Baby, Study Says

A new study says babies born after their due date are prone to infection, but is induction really a good idea?

Stillbirth Rates Are Not Going Down—Here and All Over the World

2.6 million parents are affected by stillbirths every year—and the tragic thing is, most are preventable.

Doulas Help Low-Income Women in Surprising Ways

Here's how using one can make a difference to you.

Couple Tweets Mind-Blowing Home Birth Story

Marco Rogers and Aniyia Williams welcomed their daughter, Noemi, in the comfort of their own home … and to the amazement of their Twitter followers.

Is Two the Best Company? The Pros and Cons of 'Crowd Birthing'

This latest delivery room trend means no one feels left out of your birth experience, but could you stand it?

American Women are Having More Twins

And there's a pretty good explanation as to why this is happening.

Have You Seen These Amazing Maternity Beds?

They're pretty awesome—and the perfect solution to mom/baby separation anxiety at the hospital.

Study Finds Home Birth Just as Safe as the Hospital

If you’re thinking about giving birth at home, this latest piece of research might just help you decide.

Giving Birth is Way Harder Than Running a Marathon

If you've given birth, you can totally run 26.2 miles.

The Case of the Coerced C-Section: What are Women's Rights in Birth?

A Virginia mother recently pressed assault and battery charges against a doctor she claims coerced her into an unnecessary C-section. Her case represents a growing number of women who say they, too, were forced into birthing procedures they did not need.

Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Eat During Labor

New research says you don't have to fast while you're in labor anymore. You fuel-up for a marathon, why should giving birth be any different?

Science Can Finally Narrow Down When You'll ACTUALLY Give Birth

Only five percent of babies are born on their actual due date. Groundbreaking new research could change that.
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