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Labor and Delivery

Ask the Labor Nurse

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Birth at Home

Read this before saying "no" to a hospital birth.
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The Woman Who Documented Her Childbirth on Twitter

Here's why she did it.

Pictures of Your Birth: Go Pro or Opt for the Selfie?

If photos are part of your birth plan, read this before striking a pose.

Water Birth Safety: The FYI Every Pregnant Mama Should Read

A new statement questions the safety of water births. We dug deeper.

Devious Maids Actress Dania Ramirez Shares Her Labor Playlist

The songs she listened to on her delivery day.

4 New Approaches to the C-Section Decision

Revised guidelines for docs that can help you sidestep surgery.
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Do Doctors Love C-Sections?

One in three babies are delivered surgically. What every mom needs to know before going into labor.

Motherhood Tip: Stop Trying to Be Perfect!

Why you should stop worrying about being a rockstar mom.

Will an Epidural Increase Your Risk of C-Section?

Considering the big E? The surprising side-effect, and how to make sure it doesn't affect your birth.

5 Labor and Delivery Reality Checks

From birth pain to epidurals, the inside scoop about what's really going to go down on the day you'll be giving birth—direct from our labor nurse.

4 Ways to Find the Perfect Doula

How to choose the best labor support professional for you.

When Your OB-GYN is MIA on Your Delivery Day

That's when these professionals save the day.

The Beauty of Giving Birth Over the Holidays

Worried about going into labor on Christmas? Don’t be.

Giving Birth at a Catholic Hospital?

Things you need to know if your beliefs don’t align.

The YouTube Video That’s Changing Childbirth

A new device helps women deliver their babies safely
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