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Labor and Delivery


Labor and Delivery

Is a Doula Worth the Cost? Here's What You'll Spend

Having a doula by your side during childbirth is invaluable to some moms, while others don't need it, or flat-out can't afford it. We find out from a doula what exactly her fee includes.
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Ouch! How to Tell the Difference Between Prodromal Labor and the Real Thing

Knowing this subtle difference between contractions can prevent unnecessary (and frustrating) false-starts to the hospital.

Mom-to-Be Shows That Twerking is the Best Way to Get Through Labor

New mom Yuki Nishizawa found a great way to get through labor: doing the Tootsee Roll! Now slide, Baby, slide...

There's a New Ultrasound For Pregnancy—and It Helps Detect Early Labor

Yup, seeing your cute baby's face won't be the your only reason for an ultrasound: It could save your newborn's life, too.

Labor: Science FINALLY Understands How We Do It

Scientists are starting to have a better grasp on how the human body sustains itself during birth—which will help women in labor everywhere.

Photo Series Captures the Calm Beauty of Home Birth

These photos will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about giving birth.

Babies Born via C-Section Benefit from 'Cord Milking'

You've heard of delaying cord clamping, but this newer cord technique is working wonders for preterm babies. Some doctors think full term babies could use it, too. Should you ask for it?

QUIZ: Which Childbirth Class Is Right For You?

Wondering where to turn when it comes to prepping for D-day? Take this quick quiz to find out the best class for you.

8 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Labor Worries

Worried about labor and delivery? No need to panic: We've got simple expert-led solutions for the most common anxieties surrounding the birthing process.

Guess What? Your Partner Might Need a Doula, Too

They're not just for you, Mom. Here's why Dad may also appreciate the support from a doula—whether he likes it or not.

How Many C-Sections Can You Safely Have?

Women have gone on to have 6 or more cesareans without complication. So is there ever such thing as too many?

The 7 People You'll Need in Your Life After Labor

You might need to lean on the people you least expected when baby comes. Including, um, Amy Schumer? Here's why.

The 8 Coolest Places to Give Birth in America

These health and birthing centers are some of the best places to have a baby in the U.S. Are you giving birth in an A-list hospital?

Another Reason to Choose Vaginal Birth (If You Can)

Most of the time they're life-saving, but if you can choose, here's why scientists say C-sections should be avoided if possible.

This is Who You Really Want in the Delivery Room

Nurses, and doulas, and midwives, oh my! Use this guide to decide who to keep in (and who to keep out) of your birth room.
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