10 Essential Items for Your Hospital Bag | Fit Pregnancy

10 Essential Items for Your Hospital Bag

Smart packing is in the bag.


6. Warm Socks

Hospital floors are cold! You will be thankful you packed these.

7. Nightgown

If you don’t want to wear the hospital one, you'll need something of your own.

8. Toiletries—Including Lip Balm

Hospitals are dry, and pregnancy has already taken a toll on your skin.  Be prepared!

9. Going-Home Outfit for Your Baby

When it comes to newborn clothes it's best to keep it simple and stick with the basics.

10. A Tube Sock and Three Tennis Balls

This is a natural way to help keep back pain at bay during labor. 

Stuff the balls in the sock, tie a knot in the end, and ask your labor partner to roll the sock up and down your back. You can also stand against a wall with the sock between your back and the wall and press into the balls to help relieve tension.


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