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Fit Pregnancy Goes To Peru with CARE

Day Three—My Biggest Day Ever—Part Four


Day Three, Part Four &mdash: Lunch, Obama and El Bano

We invited the doctors and midwives to lunch, hopped back into the pick-up and drove to the plaza to find an open restaurant. The doctors and midwives allowed us the place of honor &mdash;inside the cab&mdash;while they stood in the bed and hung on to the roll bar. <br><br>

 At 3:00 PM most of the restaurants (small shacks with dirty wooden floors, plank tables, dogs running in and out and chickens in the yard) were out of food but we found one that was open. We looked at our watches and realized Obama had been inaugurated.  Dr. Felix, cheered, “Obama!” and expressed the community’s collective relief and faith that our new president would keep their efforts going; would continue to fund and support their village’s health care. <br><br>

As we finished lunch, we looked up an ancient stairway of Incan ruins to a cathedral where a funeral procession was filing out of the church. Men carried a simple, wooden coffin.  It was another sharp contrast of life and death that plays out every day here.  We Americans so insulated and fortunate. <br><br>

Before we got back in the truck for the long bumpy ride home, Sarah and I made a visit to the restaurant’s bathroom:  another trip up a steep, stone stairway to the roof where a couple wood and metal boards formed an outhouse.  Next to the outhouse was a plastic barrel of water and a bucket.  After I used the facilities (I really didn’t want to have to use that hole in the ground again), I dumped a bucket of water, which flushed it to a trench below the restaurant where dogs, children and chickens played and lived. <br><br>

We were stopped by police twice on the ride back.  They asked Oscar where we’d been, who we were and let us go.  It started raining and soon, lightening flashed around us.  Yes, I could have freaked out (Frankly, the police stops about unnerved me) but everyone else (Sarah included) took it all in stride.  I’ve never been more grateful to get back to a clean bed where I collapsed into a deep sleep.<br><br>

That leads me back to now.  My hotel (Hotel Santa Maria) is lovely, colonial, clean and has a cozy café where they don’t mind my working.   Across the cobblestone road, kittens play in the doorway of an Ayacuchan mini-mart.  Women in traditional Indian clothing sit on the stone steps next to piles of bananas, apples, tomatoes and loads of potatoes.  Disposable cameras hang on the walls along with long-distance calling cards and local artwork.  Local and national newspapers emblazoned with Obama’s inaugural pictures are stacked high.  A kitten jumps on top of the stack, skitters around to mess up the neat pile and leaps onto a pile of potatoes.  A scroungy street-dog wanders by and the kitten bunches up and hisses.  It’s a joy to sit, sip coffee, write and watch it all happen.<br><br>

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