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Gratitude and Parenting

11.23.12 Fifty things you'll be grateful for now that you're pregnant


Third trimester: The end is in sight.  There’s so much to do and you’re totally grateful that:

  1. The crib you love is on sale
  2. Your sister-in-law gave you a huge box of adorable hand-me-downs
  3. You’ve finally agreed on a name
  4. Your backache goes away with a good massage
  5. You can still put your shoes on
  6. That one weird blood pressure reading turned out to be nothing to worry about
  7. That flurry of early contractions went away on their own
  8. You love your HypnoBirthing teacher
  9. Your tour of the birthing unit at your hospital was reassuring
  10. Your husband went to Costco and came home with a huge box of baby wipes

You’re in labor and so grateful for:

  1. Your bathtub
  2. The end of that contraction
  3. That your water didn’t break at the grocery store
  4. Your partner, doula, midwife and nurse
  5. Your mother who went through this to have you
  6. An epidural
  7. Ten centimeters
  8. BIRTH!

Your baby’s here and you’re grateful that:

  1. You’re no longer in labor
  2. Your baby is in your arms
  3. You’re both safe and healthy
  4. Your husband is crying
  5. Your baby latched on
  6. You can’t feel the stitches

Your baby is 1 month old and you’re grateful that:

  1. She finally stopped crying
  2. Your nipples don’t hurt anymore
  3. He slept three hours in a row last night
  4. You had one diaper left
  5. You don’t have to go back to work for two more months
  6. Your baby is the light of your life and your partner is an amazing parent.

Now that you’re a parent, you’re grateful for your gorgeous baby, your beautiful family and the lifetime of memories and holidays you’ll have together. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and you enjoy the rest of the holiday season.


Jeanne Faulkner, R.N., lives in Portland, Ore., with her husband and five children. Got a question for Jeanne? Email it to and it may be answered in a future blog post.

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